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Powerful worship times at the Regional Equip Malawi.

The Four12 Regional Equip in Malawi that took place this June is already bearing fruit. The joy of the Lord was so present as we shared our lives with each other for those four days. The most significant thing about this time was God’s presence in the worship, in a way we had not experienced before. Malawi has a wonderful legacy of joyful praise, but this year Myriam led us in deep worship with a worship team from several different churches. We encountered the face of Jesus, the whole Regional Equip spontaneously on the floor in adoration, singing in English, Chichewa and tongues. The teaching on worship led us into a place of intimacy with the Father. The leaders said they will never be satisfied with ‘religious’ singing again! There was a beautiful mixture of people experiencing the Holy Spirit not really knowing what to do and others responding in bowing down and weeping like children.

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Sheree with Edson and Fatima who lead Christian Way Church, Dwangwa. Edson brought 8 leaders to the Regional Equip. The transport cost them 5 months income!

Since the Regional Equip churches are reporting experiencing the glory of God in their meetings. Glad Tidings, Area 36 leaders Kenneth and Mary Mafuta said: “Last Sunday, we did not get to preach, we started worshipping at 11:00 and ended three hours later, we had the glory of God among us. Our teenage son, who had run away from home for three months, returned while the outreach team was with us, and our 16-year-old daughter committed her life to Jesus. As a family, we have seen the power of God reconcile us first to him, and then to each other. Since partnering with Four12, we have learnt that the Holy Spirit wants to lead our meetings, so we don’t follow a preset programme.”

The leaders that attended said that they learnt how to lead children and youth to Jesus. They have learnt to consider them as capable of experiencing the Holy Spirit and being a vital part of the church. The leaders were challenged to be humble before God and not to place their titles above Him. They learned how to cast out demons and how to give according to the Word of God. Wiseman Banda, leader of seventeen Heart of God churches all over Malawi said: “I noticed that there was a transformation in the hearts of the people: healing power was there all day long. The Spirit of God was in control as the spirit of unity was there. We learned how to work as teams and saw that demonstrated.”

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Stellenbosch team: from top left: Jan, Robert (Oxygen Life) Dene, Zenon, Jan, Jess, Nerina, Colene, Kyla, Chante, Raquel and Heike.

The energetic team from Joshua Generation Church’s Stellenbosch congregation served at the Regional Equip by giving testimonies, doing registration and teaching the children ( a group which numbered 100 as the whole village gathered). They spent three weeks on outreach in the villages, impacting many lives through loving, teaching and worshipping. The most common remark made by the students was that they saw the book of Acts coming to life, with a new understanding of the apostolic and how it works. Jess said as she left: “I am leaving now with a new understanding of who God is and what it means to abide in Him and lay down your life completely for him. Throwing me in at the deep end was possibly one of the greatest things that happened: I have learnt to trust in the Holy Spirit and run after His Presence wherever he may lead me.”

Rob Duthie from Oxygen Life (another partnering group who came to join the outreach) said: “Malawi has “ruined” me for lukewarm Christianity: the power of the gospel, the purpose of the church and the beauty of intimacy has been so real for me in this time.

During the outreaches, we went in teams of 4-7 to 17 churches or groups of churches to minister for a weekend each. Some villagers had never seen a white person or had a foreigner staying in their village!

One team arrived at Mkhaliwafa near Philanjizi, to be greeted by 170 people singing and dancing. They met under a tree in the afternoon, only to discover that the pastor had deserted the church two years ago. When Andrew Kapalula stood up to preach he felt to speak about the gospel of Jesus. The people ALL responded to the altar call so he asked twice if they were serious. The translator said: “They are serious. They have NEVER heard of Jesus. They meet every week to sing and dance and their songs are not even about Jesus.”

At Chigaga near Kamvuu, another team found a fairly strong church with amazing testimonies of salvation. Some had been saved from traditional dancing (wearing a mask and posing as a demon ancestor) and others from alcohol addiction. The team explained to them how to share their testimonies effectively, taught them Romans 10:9 off by heart (no one had Bibles except the pastor) and took them into the village in groups of five. 32 people came to salvation inside the church building and in the homes. On Saturday we taught on baptism and many villagers followed us down to the river to baptize 13 people. What a wonderful day of celebration on Sunday when we shared communion: it was their first time in years!

We have gained incredible momentum in Malawi through Four12 Regional Equips and outreaches. Thank you to all of those who sacrificed and loved the people of Malawi during June and July. All glory to God because it was Him, not us.


Sue, the wife of Lance McIntosh, has been serving faithfully in leadership at JoshGen for many years and has led many into the more of God. With a passion for teaching, teenagers and seeing the lost saved, Sue is a mother to all those she comes into contact with.

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