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During January 2017 I got to hear of Gerrit and Cherie Loots who have planted a Four12 Partnering church, Kingdom Community Church in Richards Bay, South Africa. I immediately felt that I’d like to go and help them in some way, having grown up in Zululand and Durban myself (areas close to their location). It took some planning, but three months later we drove into Richards Bay with a tremendous sense of excitement and anticipation in our hearts.

We had an amazing time there with Gerrit and Cherie, who have in just 10 weeks of ‘church planting’ have experienced such growth and favour. It was immediately evident that “God is doing this, supernaturally” when we met with the church at their home for a time of fellowship around a braai (barbeque). What struck me most of all was that half of the church folks had come from the gym, where Gerrit and Cherie manage a Kauai (health food store) and are both Personal Trainers. What a great sign of their ‘work’ being their arm into reaching people for Jesus! By the end of the evening I went to bed quite overwhelmed and almost in tears, as I sensed the incredible love for Jesus amongst this young church plant. They carry so much life and are so full of God.

I also spent some time with Gerrit and some of the leaders that God is adding to them as a leading couple. We had the best Bunny-Chow (a local spicy food favourite) on the planet, even Jenain (an Indian brother) was sweating.

From Richard’s Bay we headed to Pongola Christian Centre who is looking into partnering with Four12. They are situated in Pongola, KwaZulu-Natal just before the Swaziland border. On arrival in Pongola we met Schalk and June, who lead the church, we were then immediately shown around this beautiful town by Michael Joubert (serving at Joshua Generation Church, Cape Town), who spent some of his High School years there, his love for the town was evident!

That night we popped in at the youth meeting and were so blessed by their spontaneity and energy! Saturday morning was spent as a team, discovering a beautiful game reserve and surrounds of Pongola, hosted by Brendan, Schalk’s son. It was absolutely beautiful. That afternoon we had a braai with all the elders and deacons, it was such a good evening of great fellowship and worship. They have an amazing group of leaders.

Pongola Christian Centre meets in their own building which is such a blessing. I ministered along the lines of “how to share your fridge”, expounding on Jesus who met and ate with many people, and how this is an example for us. It was so well received and then we prayed for the sick, many of which were healed immediately. After the service everyone stayed behind for snacks and drinks – this was so cool.

As I reflect upon these two churches, I am extremely expectant that as we partner with them, they are going to make huge strides in reaching the lost and making disciples, as they grow more and more!

We are hoping for even more visits across the Four12 Partners and beyond, as we help build churches, glorify Jesus, strive for healthy, and vibrant churches.

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John de Beer and his wife Christa are parents to two wonderful children and a part of the leadership team that serves at Joshua Generation Church. John is especially passionate about preaching, teaching, seeing more people come to know Jesus and seeing marriages restored and revived.

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