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A very unexpected ‘suddenly’ move of God is upon us. Cindy and I were happily settled in Cape Town and in Joshua Generation Church, which we have been a part of for 9 and 11.5 years, respectively. A few short weeks ago, in the middle of May, while in ‘Lockdown,’ God called us to go to the Republic of Ireland – to light fires and build His house. This took us entirely by surprise. God spoke to Cindy and me clearly, through scriptures, dreams, and many prophetic words confirming this, from people who knew nothing of what was happening. We then submitted everything to the elders who released us to go.

God has called us to go to County Cork. The exact location has not been revealed to us yet, but the instruction to ‘GO and GO now,’ was clear. County Cork is known as ‘Rebel County,’ and we believe God is sending us there to break open the spiritually ‘hard ground’ and that His Spirit will bring life and revival to a dry and barren land and people. He is sending us out to light fires, love people, share the GOOD NEWS of the gospel, and make disciples of Jesus. We believe many people are going to come to salvation and that we are going to see God heal the sick, set captives free, and do many other miracles. We are full of faith, excitement, and expectancy.

The Holy Spirit gave me a vision of what looked like a ‘barn or tavern’ with sofas and a coffee machine. We believe that this will be an outreach tool for the church God wants to plant in Cork. We feel that this will be a way for us to get to know the people of Cork and for them to get to know us. They will come for C.O.F.F.E.E. (Christ Offers Forgiveness For Everyone Everywhere) – and find Jesus. Cindy saw many people coming in and out of this ‘coffee barn’ and heard the name ‘Miracle Café.’ We believe that ‘Miracle Café’ will be a way to reach people who would not usually ‘go to church’ and who don’t know Jesus YET. In addition to that, we also believe God is leading us to build into people, and one of those ways is to ‘upskill’ them so that they can work and earn an income. We plan to do this is through Barista training. We are not sure about the timescales of everything, but we trust in God’s perfect timing!

Peter Nembhard, lead elder of ARC

It is wonderful to undertake such a faith venture while being part of a global partnership of churches in Four12. Last year, Peter Nembhard, who leads ARC Church, one of the Four12 partnering churches, visited Cork. When he got there, he saw a large billboard with writing that said: ‘MAKE ROOM FOR CORK ARC.’ God laid it on Peter’s heart to plant a church in Cork. That church has not been planted yet, but during a recent video call with Peter, he said he felt that we were the missing piece of the puzzle. We have continued to pray and seek God since and had further conversations with Peter about our vision. Everyone is very excited to see what God is going to do in Cork and how He will do it.

We’ll be running with the vision that God has given us, which we shared earlier, and ultimately planting an ARC Church in Cork, under the guidance and oversight of Peter Nembhard, from ARC Church in London.  Our heart is also to work alongside the other local churches in Cork who have been ploughing the hard ground already, some for many years.

We want to keep in step with Holy Spirit and continue to be obedient to how He is leading us, one step at a time. We believe that as we step out in complete faith, that God will provide for us and make a way for us to do what He is calling us to do. We are due to fly to Ireland on 14th of July 2020. We are in need of many miracles. Please pray for us and come and visit us. We love you all!


James & Cindy love to go on God adventures, walking in step with Holy Spirit. They are thankful to Jesus, who has radically transformed their lives and redeemed them. They long to share the gospel, make disciples, love them into family, and see people walk in freedom, truth, and all that God has for them.

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