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Testimony by Justine Stroebel

When it was announced to Joshua Generation Church’s Brackenfell congregation, that we were sending an outreach team to His Love Church in Kimberley, my heart immediately leapt! I had never been to Kimberley before, nor honestly had I ever felt the desire to go there, but God stirred my heart for this place in a moment. I mentioned it to my husband, Vaughn, and he decided that we should go as a family with our 13-year-old son, Matthew. Nine of us in total joined Patti and Rowland Barnard (who were leading the outreach team), and soon we embarked on the long drive to the home of The Big Hole (Kimberley’s diamond mine).
We faithfully prepared to minister in the area of worship, to share our testimonies, to assist Patti with prophetic ministry, and to spend some time living life with the people there, strangers to us then, but also our brothers and sisters in Christ.
God had spoken to me about the people of Kimberley before we left Cape Town. He had told me how He sees each person as a precious diamond! How for generations so many of them have been hurt, become despondent, turned from Him and followed the distractions of this world…but God restores and He renews.
When we arrived we spent the afternoon with Luaan (the lead elder of His Love) and his family, learning the story of His Love Church, and sharing some stories of our own. Later that evening we shared a meal with the community leaders and their families. We chatted about life and family, laughed until our cheeks hurt, and started forming the kind of friendships that remain beyond time and distance, with Jesus being the thread binding hearts together!
The Saturday afternoon found us gathering with many of His Love Church members for a time of deliverance training. Rowland and Patti brought a powerful teaching and a number of people were set free.A profound moment for me was seeing my son step out in obedience by sharing a prophetic word with a young woman, which helped her decide to submit to a process in God she had been avoiding for some time. What a blessing to see God raising up the next generation to be in tune with the Holy Spirit!
My biggest personal breakthrough came that evening when we got all of the musicians together. I shared a few practical tips on “what you do at home is what you bring on Sunday.” Another member of our team then added insight on “why we worship – our call to arms” and the spiritual implications of leading worship. We were elated to find the attendees of this time so willing to grow, yes they were in need of a confidence boost and guidance to get going, but they had all the ingredients of a music team right there! We ‘jammed’ together for an hour and a half, and were amazed at how the Holy Spirit moved us from being a group of virtual strangers, with a common heart and passion for worshipping God, to leading the congregation in worship the following morning as one team!
Sunday morning arrived and the excitement was tangible! All of us were eagerly anticipating what God was going to do amongst His people. I had lead worship in our community group back home a couple of times, but I had never lead a whole team without my team leader’s guidance before. After being a back-up vocalist for nearly 12 years as a part our music team at church (quite happily assuming a supporting role) God showed me in a dream that I was in Kimberley for a change in my perspective. No more excuses, no more hiding in the background, it was time to step up. Humbled, I was ready to lead the congregation in worship, and after months of worshipping with recorded music, His Love Church enthusiastically worshipped their King with a live music team!
Finding common ground with someone is easier when you both love Jesus, and it is clear that the people of His Love Church really do! I was pleased to hear that the new music team members had already started planning when they could meet weekly to practice together.
Early the next morning we started our journey home. For me this was a time of reflection and thanksgiving. God had, in His kindness, blessed each of us who made the trip in a very personal way. I know that life for myself cannot stay the same after an encounter like this, and I certainly look forward to more in God. I am happy and humbled that God entrusted me to be a vessel of change in the lives of people in Kimberley. God is restoring His diamonds in Kimberley, and He will use His Love Church to do this. What an exciting future in God this church has!

Justine, her husband, Vaughn, and their son, Matthew, serve at Joshua Generation Church’s Brackenfell congregation. She is a dedicated worshipper, has a great gift of faith and operates in the prophetic. Her passion is to inspire people to connect with Jesus.


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