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Seek first the Kingdom is such a simple command and yet for us fragile humans it really can be just so hard! Especially when it comes to the green stuff…our finances.

In February of 2018 I was in the Isle of Man and the UK, whilst there I (along with some of the other leaders) felt it was very important for my wife to join me on my next trip to the Isle of Man in June which would be the Four12 Conference there. By default, however, this would mean my eldest son (we have four children) who is a type 1 diabetic would also need to come with us due to the nature of his medical care. We as a family would be needing to trust God for finances once again and coincidentally this ‘trusting’ would come at the exact same time as we as a church (Joshua Generation Church) would be aiming high in faith for financial provision for a few massive new building projects!

The morning after booking our travel tickets the feeling of “what are we doing spending all our money like this??” hit me. It felt so unwise for all three of us to go overseas right then, even though I knew the theory and importance of ‘going to the nations’ so well! Thankfully God then spoke to us clearly through a vision from a friend (sent to us via a voice note). In her message she explained that she clearly saw my son in the nations (outside of our home) serving Jesus and she really felt that God was saying that our son needs to start travelling! Wow, we were so encouraged and filled with fresh faith.

After making our building fund contributions for the building projects we were feeling excited about our upcoming trip but honestly still very nervous about our finances…I wish I could say the prayers we prayed were powerful mountain moving prayers…they were more prayers like, “God we just want to be able to see you as a good providing Father again! Help us in this please.”

Two days later and three days before leaving for the conference someone anonymously paid the exact amount into our bank account that we had paid for our tickets, literally the amount I had spoken quietly to my wife when I said, “this trip is costing us (this many thousands of Rands).”

On top of all this provision by our good providing Father various very real needs we had were all taken care of literally on the same day. Sometimes God just makes these clear statements to us as His children, “I have got you covered – it’s worth it to seek first My Kingdom…yes the sowing needs to come first but trust Me I’ve got you!”

What is holding you back from stepping out and joining a Four12 Outreach, International Conference or Regional Equip? Don’t let the hesitancy to ‘sow first’ rob you of an opportunity to see our God as the One who has you covered!


Ryan is a devoted lover of Jesus, a happy husband, a father of four and a leader within Joshua Generation Church. He also travels and ministers into Four12 partnering churches in South Africa. You can follow him on Facebook.

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