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Some of what the Year of Your Life (YOYL), Living Hope interns from 2017 had to say:

One of the most incredible moments, during my internship at Living Hope, was experiencing first-hand the exact purpose of Four12 and God’s gracing towards this specific apostolic field. The astounding result of seeing not only the five-fold ministries but saints ministering and advancing Gods kingdom in the nations. Also how God uses the saints, sent into the world, to shape and mould local churches. – David Teren, Port St Mary Congregation (sent from Joshua Generation Church, South Africa)

This year my internship has meant so much to me. It has allowed me to step out in confidence and grow in the gifts that God has given me whilst discovering gifts I never knew I had. God has helped me step out in my dancing and broken so many chains and lies that I had around me that I didn’t even know about until this year. My relationship with God has grown so much stronger. – Shane Hugo, Peel Congregation (sent from Joshua Generation Church, South Africa)

YOYL at Living Hope has been such an adventure! This year I’ve had the opportunity to learn and experience so much in ministry, travel into various nations, build special relationships, serve the church full-time, invest into people’s lives, grow spiritually, develop my character and be part of the incredible work that God is doing on the Isle of Man! – Claudia Banwell, Douglas Am Congregation (sent from Joshua Generation Church, South Africa)

In the past two years, I have grown and changed so much at Living Hope Church. It has been two of the best years of my life so far and has been an instrumental part of me learning what it means to live out the great commission given to us as believers by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20, where Jesus calls his disciples to go forth and “make disciples of all nations”. – Zandri Veldman, 2nd Year International Intern, Ramsey Congregation (sent from Joshua Generation Church, South Africa)

New YOYL International interns for 2018

A word from Matt Rees (YOYL overseer): We are super excited to have these interns giving a year of their life here on the Isle of Man. Our September 2017 group of interns have settled in really well and have given themselves to serving the church with great strength as well as allowing God to continue to shape their character. With the third year of running our International internship, we are excited to see new international leaders be raised up as they give a year to serve and solely focus on Jesus. We also have our first ever Brazilian intern joining us which we are really excited about. We have a very special group of interns with very dedicated hearts to the Lord and our hope for 2018 is that they grow such strength in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and also develop such a deep zeal for the bride of Christ.


Matt is married to Grace and together they serve on the leadership of Living Hope Church in the Isle of Man. Matt is passionate about worship, seeing youths equipped and the gospel spread throughout the Earth.   

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