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I enjoy a good conference. To me, a good conference is characterised by solid personal or business connections, informative sessions and adrenaline-charged revelations. While the 2017 Regional Equip Gauteng may be loosely defined as a “conference” of sorts, it is so much more than this. Let me explain:

I am no saint (by the standard definition of the word) and will admit I attended my first Four12 Regional Equip in May 2016 purely out of curiosity. In my first months at Joshua Generation Church‘s City Bowl congregation, I had seen other saints testify of God’s goodness during various Four12 outreaches. As Nacho Libre (the unofficial mascot of Four12) would say, “I wanted a little taste of the glory”. Looking back, I now realise I had little to no understanding of what or who Four12 was, and assumed it was roughly summed up as a series of gatherings and conferences (feel free to laugh at my assumption, but bear in mind that I had only been in a Four12 Partnering Church for less than a month).

My first official Four12 event was this 2016 Regional Equip. The fruit that was birthed from that time is beyond measure. Instead of going to “be a blessing” it is I who was blessed.  God did a deep healing work in my life, heart connections and friendships were formed and I believe these will last a lifetime.

As time progressed I attended additional Four12 events namely, Four12 2016 Conference in South Africa, School of Prophecy in South Africa 2017 and the 2017 Regional Equip Gauteng.  With each additional event I attended, previous heart connections were reinforced and additional friendships and relationships were formed. I found myself a part of a “Christ woven” web of friendship, support and love across the world.

In the year following my first Four12 event, I found myself facing difficult life situations and trials. Family members being diagnosed with debilitating conditions, family crises, general work and financial difficulties. The amazing thing is this: while I did receive wonderful support from my own local church family, I also received invaluable support from my “extended” Four12 family across the world. From daily ‘whatsapps’, text messages, emails, phone calls, digital hugs (via Facebook and Skype) right through to practical support. I found myself safely set in family at both a local and global level. In no ways was this a one way street. I too also had the honour of extending support to my Four12 family.

As time went on, I began to have a revelation of Jesus’ schema for the global church.  To partner together as saints, at local, regional and global levels to see the kingdom of God advance across all these fronts.

“Four12 is more than just a conference and name tags. It is a global, regional and local partnership of saints advancing the kingdom of God.”

My testimony pertaining the 2017 Regional Equip Gauteng may be summarised by the words of Daniel Barnard, “Four12 is more than just a conference and name tags. It is a global, regional and local partnership of saints advancing the kingdom of God.”

I have seen this and witnessed it time and time again in my own life and the lives of others around me. Saints from the broader Four12 family coming together, supporting one another, carrying each other’s burdens ultimately loving one another – all with one goal. Partnering together to advance God’s kingdom (and doing so in love).

I imagine heaven will be the same. A global gathering of saints from the broader, global body of Christ. Why not get a taste of the glory now?

If you have never attended or been to any Four12 event I encourage you to participate. There are numerous opportunities, outreaches and other events. And even if you do not see yourself as a leader, preacher, teacher etc. All saints are encouraged to attend because all of us are a part of the body and by virtue of this we have a part to play. I truly believe each of saint has a role to fulfil within Four12. From serving at a Four12 event, hosting visitors from other cities or countries, attending various outreaches. There is something for everyone. The only way one can understand what Four12 is through practically experiencing it.

Why not step out in faith and Four12 it?


Sandisiwe is a saint in Joshua Generation Church. Her desire is to support the body of Christ and to see the saints equipped. As a development economist she finds the interplay between economics, politics and social justice intellectually intriguing and is passionate about exploring biblical solutions to poverty.

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