How Do You See Him?

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What lens are you hearing God through?

Jeremiah 23:26 talks about false prophets, who speak the deceit of their own hearts.
 Emotions are icing on the cake, not food to sustain us. Our hearts are not to be trusted! Our emotions lie to us every day!

So what is the solution?:

1. Wash your mind with the Word- by reading and listening to the Bible constantly.

2. Talk to God! Allow Him to talk to you! Submit your requests to Him, review your shortcomings and ask for His Wisdom and Strength to do better, be grateful- count your blessings and marvel at the grace of God! Enjoy friendship with God!

3. Humble yourself and submit to a leadership who are dedicated to Jesus themselves! Honour God by honouring the leaders that God has put over you, even when they show they’re imperfect, like you are.

4. Commit to a body of believers and learn to be faithful- and to live a transparent, accountable life. Learn to truly love imperfect people, starting with yourself!

5. Fear the consequences of disobedience! Have a healthy respect for pain! Don’t compromise.

6. Become comfortable in discomfort, especially in acknowledging your weakness. But don’t wallow and stay paralysed. Hide yourself in Jesus and His Love for you… and keep moving!!

Don’t try live on someone else’s revelation of God!!! As beautiful as someone else’s promises and encouragement from God may seem, they won’t bring you lasting life because they won’t be flowing out of a direct source for you. Go to the Father yourself. Learn to be intimate with God! Revel in the knowledge that God is consumed in His passion for you! God desires to whisper secrets directly into YOUR heart. Sure, sometimes He speaks through others. Sure, you need to listen to your leaders and have them test what you feel you’re hearing. But don’t expect anyone else to hear God for you so that you don’t have to. God wants YOU- all of you! He is jealous for you. Don’t dilute your relationship with Him but trying to live through the revelations of others. Seek God for yourself! His Love is delicious, thrilling, gorgeous, overwhelmingly satisfying. Don’t miss out! Connect to Him directly now! Learn to be intimate with the lover of your soul!

Learn to KNOW your God! He’s waiting, longing for you to spend time with Him. He’s worth anything else you might need to lay down in order to seek Him.

Abigail is married to Bret and makes up one half of Team Bevan, homeschooling mom of two (busy) young legends, a dreamer and most of all a lover of Jesus. Raised as a pastor’s kid, Abby grew up with a passion for the lost, the Word and a heritage of God-chasers to embrace.   

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