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Trees grow in the most ridiculous places. In Mumbai, India, I’ve seen trees growing out of the sides of buildings, on the top of roofs; I had a tree that began to grow between cracks in the paint on the outside of the wall of my house! A seed may be small, but therein is the wonder! The kingdom of God is like a seed. It can take root anywhere – unnoticed, largely hidden – but slowly, slowly its strength begins to grow. Before you know it, it’s a full grown tree which cannot be easily uprooted!

Lesedi and Kristle Williams who will be leading the new church plant.

That’s how Oxygen Life Church was planted 15 years ago, and it’s time to do it again for the third time! In ten weeks, mid-February 2017, a team of about ten brave saints, led by Lesedi (one of our elders), will be sown in the western suburbs of our city. Their mission: to plant and establish a local church which will, by God’s grace, reflect who God is in their love, their sacrifice, their focus, their passion and their unity.

There is already much movement taking place in the life of both the morning and evening congregations as we prepare to send this team out. Their going is leaving some big gaps in the existing congregations, but also meaning a fresh opportunity for new ‘shoots’ to spring forth, and thus creating an expectation of new fruit.

So the kingdom of God moves on. Sowing and reaping. City life goes on. What God is doing won’t appear in the local newspaper headlines, but a small seed is being sown, and lives are about to be changed; a kingdom tree is about to take root by the power of God! To God be the glory, great things He will do!

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