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We as New Covenant Church (Kapeka, Uganda) began partnering with Four12 after Pastor Steve Fishpool (Christian Life Centre, Horsham) who visits our church in Uganda often, shared with us about Four12. Through the sharing he explained to us what Four12 meant and that it was founded on Ephesians chapter four verse twelve, which states `to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ`. He further explained to us that Four12 partners with many different churches in different parts of the world, and also told us of some of the training, outreaches and ministry being facilitated through Four12. After the time we had with Pastor Steve we prayed about partnering and waited to hear from God. Sometime after this we felt God was joining us together with Four12,  and we became Partners, passionate about working together to serve Jesus and His church.

I have attended two of the Four12 conferences hosted in South Africa (firstly on my own and this past trip with my wife Robinah), and I must confess after attending them my spiritual life has not remained the same. I have gone to another level of faith and not only that, but there has been a tremendous change in the faith of the church members too as I travelled back home and shared with them what was shared with me. I have been so encouraged whenever I have heard testimonies from different men of God through the word and also the experiences they have gone through. I have heard a lot of testimonies, especially in talking with William Marais, which have really shaped my spiritual discipline.

The interactions with different people of different cultures has enabled me to learn how different cultures relate, but most importantly I have experienced the love of Christ through the people of God. Someone who has never seen you and sees you for the first time and yet relates to you like he/she has known you for a long time, this is truly Christ’s love. We (my wife and I) experienced this so much through the Marais and van der Westhuizen families who are a part of Joshua Generation Church and have hosted us when we’ve attended the conferences and have built relationships with us.

How can you partner with us in prayer? Uganda as a country is full of people who are in great (and very real need) , many when they are preached to, come to church hoping to be supported in different areas of life. You find that when such a person stays in a church for some time and his expectations are not met he or she will just move out of church. So our prayer is that despite the very real needs, we would not be Christians who are material purposed driven. Pray with us that God and His power and authority would conquer this spirit that sees so many looking only for temporary relief and yet missing out on the true joy, provision and blessing of life in Christ, forevermore.

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Godfrey is married to his precious wife Robinah and together they parent their four wonderful children. Godfrey leads our Four12 Partners New Covenant Church, based in Kapeka, Uganda.

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