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Covenant Life Church, Benoni had the privilege of hosting the first ever Gauteng Regional Equipping Time all- God’s church was hungry to meet with Him and He showed up in a big way!

The week leading up to the conference, the enemy was prowling like a roaring lion trying to halt what God had planned, but he did not prevail of course! Mike Davies kicked off the conference preaching powerfully out of Isaiah 53, reminding us that Jesus understands our pains, fears and weaknesses and that they died with him at the cross and we now live in freedom! Many repented and were set free on Friday evening from the power of sin, fear, past hurts and offences in their lives. Woohoo!!!!

On Saturday morning Ryan Kingsley reminded us that we are ALL called to SERVE, to make SACRIFICES and to SUFFER for Christ! Paul teaches us to imitate him as he imitated Christ…he certainly served, sacrificed and suffered, so we should expect to as well! Russell Fraser continued on the same theme, that to be faithful servants we need to be faithful with the talents God has given us and we need to align our lives with the kingdom to be good servants. A good question to ask ourselves daily is will Jesus say to you one day “Well done, good and faithful SERVANT”?

Many repented and were set free on Friday evening from the power of sin, fear, past hurts and offences in their lives. Woohoo!!

Then came the time to ‘fill our bellies’ for lunch and I love how God sets us up! A few of us went out for lunch where we met a lady who was brought to the conference by her cousin. As she shared her story, with tears streaming down her face, I was so aware of how this was a God appointed time for her, how God had brought us all together to encourage her, speak life to her and connect her with family. God knows exactly what we need when we need it- whether it’s a response to a call at the main meeting or during the in between times where we can open up and tell our story. God meets us where we are at!

Ryan Kingsley at the Four12 Regional Equipping Time

Ryan Kingsley at the Four12 Regional Equipping Time

We returned on Saturday evening with Roland Barnard bringing a P O W A (for those who aren’t locals ‘POWA’ is the Benoni slang for ‘really powerful’) preach about the Holy Spirit followed by a time of ministry. The kids broke something open as they prayed and sang over us all from the stage, it was such a beautiful moment of God being praised “out of the mouth of babes”. The Holy Spirit imparted gifts, encouraged us in our callings and filled us with incomprehensible joy! What a wonderful God we serve who gives good gifts!

Our last session together on Sunday morning started with us joyfully singing and dancing “Your love cast out all my fear, no I won’t be afraid no no no! No I won’t be afraid no no no! I’m going to dance dance DANCE ’till the joy has come” These few lines sum up what God did during our time together and I feel that it should also be our anthem to keep singing.

We were restored once again and further equipped to advance God’s kingdom this weekend and yes a few week’s on and already the enemy is seeking to destroy what God did so powerfully in people’s lives over that time BUT the battle has already been won! “But take heart, I have overcome the world” John 16:33. So I say “No I won’t be afraid no no NO!” because Your love casts out all my fears.

Why not join us at the Four12 Conference in Cape Town later this year, find out more here: https://www.four12global.com/events/conference_southafrica/

Rae is a deacon’s wife at Covenant Life Church in Benoni, where here husband Lindsay serves full-time as the worship ministry coordinator. Rae is an accountant by trade and in her spare time enjoys the outdoors, trying out new restaurants, hanging with friends or reading a good book.

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