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This last trip into Africa was a multi-stop travel time for me. Starting off in Harare on the 10th November 2016 and then moving on to Lusaka on the 15th and finishing up in Lilongwe (Malawi). A busy, exhausting and incredibly fruitful trip! It is a great privilege to be sent by Four12 to be a co-worker with Jesus into His church in Africa, seeing how best we can help equip the leaders to build authentic New Testament churches.

While spending time with the church leaders in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi, I was once again convicted of the truth that we serve a jealous God. A God who is passionate about His Church and is not prepared to play a reasonably big role in our lives or even be our ‘almost’ top priority but only to be our everything, forsaking all else and seeing Him as the only Lord and King of our lives and in His Church.

When we go into the nations and build up His body it as if we get an injection of God’s jealousy for His church, as spoken through Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:2 “I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy”. I promised you to one husband, to Christ, so that I might present you as a pure virgin to him.” Every congregation I am in or visit, I feel the jealousy of God for His people and so I am convinced as we build His way we catch His jealousy for His Church.

articleimage_leadersOur time spent in Zambia consisted of training men and women leaders at Dynamic Worship Centre International who are hungry for the Word and intent on learning to keep in step with the Holy Spirit. We had an afternoon meeting with some of the Four12 Partnering church leaders namely Bishop Peter Chanda, Bishop Cephas Mbewe, Arnold Nel and Michael NSuma where we did a bit of planning for 2017 and felt a real sense of team and excitement for the leaders training for 2017. Much of the excitement was due to the news that Four12 is going to be giving a 2-month course for selected leaders within Zambia. In 2017 we will be training a total number of 12 potential elders and their wives for the work of the ministry in Africa.

Zambia was very hot and most nights in Lusaka are spent without electric power. I admittedly provided much entertainment for the guys who joined me on this trip (Will Marais and Vince Rafferty) as I was seen running around with my can of ‘doom’ spray at night trying to sort out the ‘swarm’ of mozzies in our sleeping quarters. (I can assure you this is totally unrelated to the ‘prophet of doom’ seen in newspapers recently).

After a very hot and ‘mozzie’ filled few weeks we returned excited and seriously thankful to our God for the way He had allowed us to work together with Him as a Four12 ‘team’ of guys.

In Malawi, we met with Harvey Chabinga of Alpha Omega Pentecostal Church and 8 other pastors that partner with him. During our time together Jesus recalibrated their hearts and put in a real desperation for wanting to build church Jesus’s way. Harvey will select 3 men from this group to go through to Lusaka to be trained in 2017. We spent 3 days with them at Lake Malawi and had a wonderful sense of Gods presence as we broke bread together (using some red coloured berry mix as the ‘wine’ and a slice of well-matured bread). It was marvellous being together with them and seeing the Lord miraculously restore the use of one of the pastor’s arms (which was left with minimum movement following a serious vehicle accident).The pastor went swimming to celebrate.

After a very hot and ‘mozzie’ filled few weeks we returned excited and seriously thankful to our God for the way He had allowed us to work together with Him as a Four12 ‘team’ of guys.

Yes, our God does not want a Church that just meets on a Sunday and goes through the motions of what we think church looks like, but God wants a Church that is passionate for Him and passionate about each other, as He is about us. God wants us to be a true reflection of Himself to a broken and thirsty to the world.


Cliff Hiscock is an elder at Joshua Generation Church in Cape Town. Cliff is married to Keigwyn and they have two daughters. Cliff is passionate about seeing God transform Africa through His church.

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