Break the Drought Forever

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As I’ve travelled through Africa I’ve found that wherever the goat is sacrificed and the ancestors are worshipped, there is drought, barrenness, desert conditions and death. Most of beautiful Africa that once was lush, productive, roaming with game and life, is now a playground for whirlwinds and dust storms.

The demonic wants the condition of our lives to be the same. But the Lord promises refreshment and renewal to all of us who are desperate and dry, if we are willing to come to Him to drink. All that’s needed on our parts is a desperation and willingness to come to Him and to ‘drink’. When we do this God promises:

“I will open rivers in desolate heights and release fountains in your life’s valleys; I will make what has become a wilderness a pool of water and those dusty dry regions within your soul, springs of water” (Isaiah 41:17,18).

This is what Ezekiel prophesied over Israel ( Ezekiel 47:1) and what John saw at the end of his life ( Rev 22:1) and it’s exactly what the Psalmist saw in the spirit as well “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy place where the Most High dwells” ( Psalm 46:4).

Well, we are told by Paul the Apostle that we are now the city of God and our bodies are now His temple (1 Cor 6:19,20). Because of this truth, we are told that the source of the river of life is now inside of each and every believer, but the eye to the fount is often cluttered and jammed up with hurt, unforgiveness, anxiety, things and heart-ache. This is why Jesus jumped to His feet while watching the priests pour water all day on the altar on the last day of the feast (which resulted in it running out the East Gate of the temple and down towards dusty Bethlehem);
“If anyone thirsts come to me and drink – and if you believe that I am the One who Scripture declares Me to be, out of your innermost being will flow rivers of living water (John 7:37,38).

If you are dry and thirsty; if your life is feeling barren and unproductive, sad and disillusioned, come to THE SOURCE of Life and Joy today and ‘drink’ freely by asking Jesus Christ to forgive you of anything you need to confess to Him and to fill you with His Holy Spirit. Release this magnificent river from within you and allow it to also refresh and to bring hope to all around you!



Will and his wife Pam have been in ministry for over 38 years and form a part of the leadership at Joshua Generation Church. Will is currently primarily involved in ministering across the greater global field of Four12 partnering churches. You can follow him on Facebook.

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