Blown Away by Richards Bay

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In July 2017 eleven JoshGenner’s set out on an adventure, to be a blessing and show God’s love to Richard’s bay, this my first outreach and my first visit to Richards Bay.

“Can I tell you something?”, as the youngest Loots’ (the family that planted Kingdom Community Church) child would say.

Upon our arrival there the warm weather was a welcome embrace to those of us who came from icy Cape Town. We drove past magnitudes of sugarcanes, signifying to us the sweetness God had prepared for us for the week ahead. Myself and two other ladies were hosted by the Loots family and we would wake up daily to the smell of fresh coffee, Oreo biscuits, a little tiptoe ballerina and her artist sister to delight us with their hugs, dances, stories, games and drawings. What a spoil!

Wednesday evening we had such a God-filled evening with some of the church community, worship, time in the Word and great fellowship – encouraging the church and blowing wind into their sails.


Some of the outreach team

New Friends

On the Thursday we were able to minister in the local shopping mall to customers, staff and business owners. Our team members were humbled and stretched to pray and speak publically to strangers. Testimonies came through the next day of God’s goodness towards those that had been prayed for. One person was blessed with R5000, another received a job offer (she was retrenched) and even others were filled with courage for unplanned pregnancies.

On Friday we shared lekker hot coffee and rusks (a South African type of biscuit) with ten car guards (The Loots ‘do this every Friday morning), we were able to pray and care for them. Their hearts were touched and tears were rolling down their cheeks. One of the men gave his heart to God and was baptised the next Sunday.

Fairy lights twinkled around the graffiti sprayed skateboard park as the burning desire of worshippers echoed with song, dance and music into the night sky at our worship event the Friday evening. Personal prophecies and prayer was seen as peoples hunger for God grew and some eagerly inquired about the church.

On the Sunday Michael Joubert and Ruan Spies shared a great word at Kingdom Community Church, titled “Being a Saint”. The teaching explained the power of being a sold out, passionate, committed, follower of Jesus whilst enjoying being a part of God’s family too.


Out and About in Richards Bay

I experienced such overwhelming love on this outreach. Jesus was able to heal even more of my heart and I came back home so encouraged. Richards Bay felt like a home away from home, the biggest blessing was to see new relationships form and to see people encouraged. We truly were blown away by the overwhelming love, joy and warmth of welcome into the lives, homes, fridges and hearts of our Four12 family in Richards Bay.


Cindy-lee is a saint at Joshua Generation Church. A children’s music teacher based in Cape Town she is passionate about worshipping her King and seeing others come to know and love Him too.

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