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I love the lyrics of the song ‘Oceans’; “Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders,”. The phrase “trust without borders” has always stood out to me. It is the type of trust that I’ve always desired to have- a trust that sees me putting all control of my life into the hands of my Father, being obedient even when it may be hard, going where God may call me to go. This phrase came to life for me when I stepped out in obedience to go and do an internship on the Isle of Man. I had felt God call me to go almost five years ago (when I was still at school). Back then I had no idea why God would be calling me to leave Cape Town to go to a ‘little island’ in the Irish sea, but I knew that I needed to trust Him, and so in 2017 I applied and went!

I am now five months into my internship, and I am blessed and grateful that the Lord called me here! My “Year of Your Life” (YOYL) internship on the Isle of Man has been so life-changing already. I’ve been stretched, encouraged, and equipped for the works of the ministry.

One of the main highlights of my time here has been the opportunity to love and serve the church full-time (by ‘full time’ I mean the gift of a time in my life set aside to just focus on doing this). I’ve learned so much through YOYL Bible School where we have looked at many interesting topics and what scripture says about them. I’ve developed an even deeper love and excitement to read and study the Word of God through these studies. We’ve also had training days, one-on-one mentoring with amazing mentors and my leaders here, helping me step out of my comfort zone and into more of what God wants me to do.

He’s given me a new boldness to step out and share the love of Jesus

I know that I’m going to be moulded and shaped throughout my life, but through this internship, I have grown so much, so fast. Before I came to the Isle I was terrified to go on street outreaches, but since being here God has given me such a heart to get out into the streets and share the gospel. He’s given me a new boldness to step out and share the love of Jesus. Through doing this I’ve witnessed people get saved, healed and encouraged as they hear the Father’s heart for them. I’ve been challenged to bring prophetic words and to believe I do hear from God myself. He’s been so faithful in giving me prophetic words for people and situations as my desire for this gift has grown and I’m excited to grow more in this area.

The internship team, my pastors and leaders, my hosts, my mentor, my youth groups and my new friends, have all crept into my heart and there isn’t one day that goes by where I’m not thankful to my Father for putting them in my life. Friends here have become family, and my love for God’s people has become so much stronger. Being part of an incredible internship team has been such a blessing. All these people who are on fire for Jesus and so willing to love and serve the Bride. We’ve had amazing times of prayer together, encouraging each other, challenging each other, studying the Word together and growing together! Proverbs 27:17 is so true for this team.

I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to come over to the Isle of Man (Living Hope) to love and serve the church here, to learn, to grow, and to build relationships with people from across the nations. Being part of a church that is so hungry for the things of God and being surrounded by the Living Hope team has been incredible. I am excited for the things that He’s still going to do in and through me on the rest of this internship. Im also really thankful for this Four12 partnership and that the Lord has brought us together as family from across the nations!


Claudia is a part of Joshua Generation Church and is currently an intern at Living Hope in the Isle of Man.  An adventurer who loves travelling, hiking, baking, laughing and people!

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