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You don’t have to be more than a few kilometres into Namibia to realise life in this country is something else. The road is straight for hundreds of kilometres, the sun is always shining and every person you see greets you with the friendliest face imaginable.

Camping in Namibia

Camping in Namibia

On Friday the 22nd April we arrived from Wellington, South Africa at the farm hosting the Men’s Camp (Mannekamp) based about 90km outside of Keetmanshoop itself. Very quickly I noticed two glaringly obvious things:

1. Everyone drives a 4×4
2. The volunteers from My Family Church and put in a lot of effort and hard work to make sure that all the men would be having an incredible camping weekend

On that Friday afternoon men from all over Namibia and a handful from Alexander Bay in South Africa arrived, some men driving up to 500 km to attend.

The camp was led by Len Deyzel who ministers apostolically within Four12. Len has a way of talking straight into the hearts of men, powerfully. On Friday night there were a number of first time salvations- praise God. On Saturday morning Ruan Slabbert preached a message that God wants us men to ‘be at His table’.

Repentance and forgiveness were two of the things that God highlighted for the men, these things allow us as men to ‘come and sit at His table’.

Speaking of table, when one goes to a Men’s camp in Namibia, you can bet on it that you will be feasting like kings. You know there will be enough scrambled eggs at breakfast for a small country (not just a men’s camp) when you overhear the chef telling someone they used 400 eggs just that morning alone. The mega egg party in the morning only warmed our stomachs up for the Saturday night’s ‘finest quality in the world’ lamb chops…Namibia, your meat is incredible!

Baptisms on the final day of camp

Baptisms on the final day of camp

Throughout the camp the ministry went deeper as God was speaking to us men about many things, especially our marriages. Many of the men responded as they invited God into their marriages, to help, heal and strengthen. On the last morning of the camp we prayed that God will deliver men from depression and unforgiveness, many men responded! To end off the incredible camp we had 8 men (including a 15 year old young man) get baptised in water, there was no better way to end of what was an amazing ‘Mannekamp’.

The men of Namibia (and all of us who travelled up to join with them for the weekend) encountered God, we were all changed and went home having our hearts filled with the hope of the Gospel!


Chris or Spot as most know him is a young man passionate about God and people. Chris is employed full time at Joshua Generation Church and works primarily with the youth. He and Lize have been married for two years and Chris admits he’d be ‘lost without her’. He is also an avid sportsman and spectator.

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