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by Elizabeth Weber

The June 2018 Four12 outreach into Australia was such an amazing experience for me. I so enjoyed travelling with Brad & Angela Verreynne (Brad leads Oxygen Life Church and also led this outreach) as well as Ria van der Westhuizen (who is a part of Joshua Generation Church).

For this outreach, we spent 5 days ministering into Heart City Church (lead by Pastor Peter Meyer and his son Luke) in Perth and 5 days at Impact Church (lead by Martin Stockdale) in Adelaide. The first thing I must say is that I felt so warmly welcomed and a ‘part of the family’ at both Impact Church and Heart City Church. I was blown away by everyone’s hospitality, generosity and open hearts. Instant family, across the globe!

Fun Times Together

Fun Times Together

One of the truths that really stood out to me during the outreach was the message Brad preached on; “To live is Christ”. He emphasized the question, “What are you living for?”. Telling us that if we live for Christ and He is the basis of our lives, we will “rejoice always”, because if we live for Christ, we have everything you need. Brad highlighted that we love because God loved us first, and from that love we are able to pour out love to others without conditions, not to receive something in return, we love because He first loved us first. Challenging to hear, but so encouraging too!

Throughout the outreach we spent time sharing our testimonies and praying for each other, meeting in homes and forming amazing new relationships. I was reminded of the power of our testimonies, and the impact it can have on others when after sharing my testimony, a young girl came up to me and said that she had never heard a girl her age tell their testimony and that her story was similar to mine and she found it very encouraging.

Another highlight for me was experiencing the miracle of becoming such ‘fast family’ with people, how God knits hearts together. Opening up our hearts, sharing our stories and praying together all form a part of this miraculous ‘heart knitting’. I was reminded afresh on this outreach that it is so important and valuable to God that we love others as He loves them.

I agree with Martin when he said that this outreach was a great time of ministry and practical advice on how to establish a ‘life-giving-God-glorifying-Heaven-patterned church”…it sure was and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it! Don’t miss out on joining an upcoming outreach, whether it’s to Australia, or even a place closer to where you live…God has great work for us all to do.

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Elizabeth (Ellie) is a part of Joshua Generation Church in Cape Town. Ellie is a dental student and a keen runner who loves spending time with friends. Most of all she is a follower of Jesus, passionate about her Saviour and King.

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