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At the beginning of this year my wife and I decided we were just about ready to think about settling down. We had been living in Melkbosstrand for about a year and a bit and at the tender age of 29 I decided this would be where would spend the rest of our lives. We would buy our flat by the beach and live in this beautiful little beach town till the day we died, but God had other plans.

Looking back now I would say that this incredible new chapter in our lives started with a prophetic word from one of our elders wives at a worship evening where she said she felt God saying “We are going to need to learn to live in a tent, we are not going to have stability but our stability is going to be God and God alone, to get comfortable with being uncomfortable” and the whole time she was speaking I was thinking “oh my hat how on earth am I going to explain this to Rae.” I decided to file it somewhere in the back of my mind and try not think about it too much, little did we know God’s plan was already in motion at that time as He began preparing our hearts for this new adventure.

Skipping forward a few months, I was leading worship at a leadership training time at the Joshua Generation Church’s Sunningdale venue where we have been serving the last few years. During the worship time an elder from the city Ryan Kingsley, who had been working very closely with Daniel Barnard and Covenant Life, felt God telling him that we were the right couple to relocate to Benoni to help the church grow their worship ministry. If I remember correctly he approached Bret that same day. We had dinner with our lead elder and his family that Tuesday and before he even said anything to us I knew we were leaving Sunningdale, I wasn’t sure where we were going but I knew God had been preparing us for something. Early in our marriage we had said that nothing nothing nothing could ever convince us to move to Gauteng! But again God had other plans.

“Early in our marriage we had said that nothing nothing nothing could ever convince us to move to Gauteng! But again God had other plans.”

We flew up the next weekend to visit the church and meet the leadership team. A month later we had quit our jobs, said goodbye to our family and friends and relocated our lives to Benoni.

Now on the surface level you would think this was a story about a young couple that packed up their lives and left everything familiar to serve God where He had called them, but more than that it’s about a church and leadership that loved us enough to plant us out to where we would grow the most in God and be most effective for the kingdom. It’s also the story of a church that welcomed us into their family with open arms. From the moment we arrived we felt at home. They had taught us a lesson in hospitality that we might not have learnt otherwise. God has tied our hearts together the way only He can. In January 2016 we would have been here for 4 months already and it hasn’t always been easy. There have been times when we have really missed Cape Town and our family but knowing God wants us here has made those times so much more bearable. There are few things better in this world than knowing you are exactly where God wants you.

I think in the end whether you stay exactly where you are or He sends you to Siberia, it’s all about being where God wants you when He wants you. To hold everything we have with an open hand, from the places we live to the people we hold dear to us. This adventure with Him is only just beginning, who knows where we will end up?


Lindsay is the full time worship ministry coordinator at Covenant Life Church (CLC) in Benoni, South Africa. He is originally from Cape Town in South Africa, where he met and married his wife, Rae. He has a passion for worship, teaching and missions into Africa. You can follow CLC Benoni on Facebook

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