2018 School of Evangelism Testimonies

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 by Various Contributors


In July of 2018 Four12 held a school designed to develop those who feel they are called to be five fold evangelists or those that wanted to develop in evangelism. This was an opportunity to bring together people from all across the world, to be trained and equipped to best make use of their gifting. To be enabled to be better used of by God to see the gospel go out across the world and into our field of Four12 Partners. Four12 were very privileged to have various gifted guest speakers including evangelist Jonathan Conrathe, Justin Slade and Ralph Turner.

The focus of this time was on equipping us as saints and leaders in areas such as activating people in healing and deliverance, moving in words of knowledge, and leading people to Christ.

God Sees Us

by Callen Jefferson

One morning during the School of Evangelism others and I went out to speak with people on the streets about God. At first everyone, I spoke to wasn’t interested (maybe some of you reading this aren’t either, haha) anyway so I decided to start speaking with a woman watching her son play soccer. Turns out she has a relationship with God and I asked her if I could pray for her for anything if she had any physical pain etc. She said she’s been having migraines since she was 18, so bad that she has to be hospitalized every few months. The beautiful truth that I got to share with her is that Jesus wanted to heal her right there and then and that I would love to pray for him to do that. As I started praying God’s presence became so overwhelming and my eyes filled up with tears because God was quietly showing me the emotional pain and burden that this woman had been carrying all these years, hidden under the surface. God showed me that she needed to forgive someone and that the unforgiveness in her heart was the cause of the tension in her head which caused the migraines. I asked her if this was true, and whilst crying she said yes it was. I encouraged her to forgive that person and to walk in freedom because God wanted to heal her – not just her head but her heart. Jesus didn’t die for nothing, he died for our freedom – from ourselves, our fear, our heartache and sickness, and from all the things we’ve done wrong to others and against God. God is real, he sees us. He sees us!

Fishing for Men

by Joey Calhau

This School of Evangelism re-kindled old dormant desires in my heart and a passion for evangelism and talking to people about Jesus, full of a revival fire that I haven’t felt for ages. “Let’s make the main thing, the main thing!” was proclaimed frequently and that of course, to an evangelist, is very simply- talking to unsaved people about Jesus. There is this whole side of Jesus that loves to be in the accompaniment of the unsaved. On Saturday morning, the final day of the school, we went out in groups onto the streets of Cape Town, to talk to people as they went about their daily lives, and try initiate conversation around God and his Son, Jesus Christ.You could just feel the sense of anxiety in the air during the prayer time meeting beforehand, but Jonathan just continued to stir our faith. “In a group this size”, he boomed, “Many should get saved on the streets this morning!” You could feel everyone thinking, “Lord I want to believe, but could it happen today?” Sure enough, when we got back after an hour and a half on the streets “fishing for men” (Matt 14:9), 15 people had been led through prayers of salvation: in the malls; on the streets; and on the beach. Many more had been witnessed to, invited to church and total strangers had received answered (and confirmed) prayers for healing. I glanced at the school’s main speaker afterwards – helooked happy, but not look surprised. He just had this glint in his eyes like… “I told you so!” We were encouraged, “Signs will always follow the preaching of the Word” (Mark 16:12), and sure enough, we eventually couldn’t count the number of healings taking place: people’s hearing restored; eyesight improved; old injuries disappearing. The speakers at this school re-kindled the flame that had either died or grown cold inside many of us! And that, I guess, is the work of a 5-Fold Evangelist – to “equip the body for works of service” (Eph 4:12).”

Not Only for Superstars

by Nadene Badenhorst

The recent Four12 School of Evangelism was fantastic and a faith-booster of note! During the four-day intensive training, we received excellent teaching – filled with many great testimonies of how Jesus has saved, healed and delivered people all around the world for His glory – to train and equip us in evangelism and the supernatural. Quite a few of the sessions also concluded with some ministry time, during which God did business with our hearts – whether it’s something we needed to confess and repent of, someone we needed to forgive or presenting ourselves to God afresh for service. During this time, quite a number of people were also filled with the Holy Spirit, and spoke in tongues, for the first time. And of course – in so many of the meetings people testified of receiving a touch from Jesus and being healed from all kinds of things, often through a word of knowledge! But, because evangelism and the supernatural is not only for the “superstars” but for every believer, the School included a practical time when we were sent out to put into practice what we have learnt. And as always, God was so faithful to back us up “as we go”. Many returned with beautiful testimonies of salvation, healing and deliverance on the streets – signs and wonders, just as Jesus promised would follow those who believe (Mark 16:17-18). A wonderful time that stirred me to trust Jesus for opportunities to share the Good News of Jesus with anyone, anywhere, any time – and when the opportunity comes, to step out and trust Him for the supernatural because He is a supernatural God! What an adventure to know and serve Him!

Actually Do the ‘Stuff’

by Luke Hulley

On one of the School of Evangelism days we went out to actually go and ‘do the stuff’ we’d been taught about the whole week long. My team ended up at the beachfront. I ended up standing on the beach surveying the ocean with my long-time surf-buddy and chatting with surfers suiting up for a surf. We had the amazing opportunity to lead a couple to Christ right there on the beach. While walking back to our car in absolute elation we got to thinking – after all the years we’ve been coming to the beach together, why is this the first time we have shared the gospel on the beach? I trust that we have had a shift in mindset and that it won’t take until the next ‘outreach’ before we do the same again.

Grow Leg, Grow.

by Jesse Bloch

For the past couple of months, I’ve been struggling with severe chest pains which as you can imagine had been worrying me heavily and causing me real discomfort. When I went to one of the school’s sessions focusing on healing I was trusting Got to take the pain away. However, I never imagined he would deal with it by healing my emotions first, revealing these were the root of what was having an effect on my physical body. In one evening God removed the roots of hate, anger and fear from me and in the process took my chest pains away completely and healed me physically. Later on that same evening after receiving healing myself I joined prayer for a man whose legs were different lengths. We started praying and after a couple minutes he stood up and was able to stand straight…his one leg had grown in length right there and then. I was blown away by God’s power and my faith was hugely bolstered. God did a lot of beautiful things that evening, but the most beautiful thing He did for me is to remind me that he is my Father, and I am his child and His love for me in almost unfathomable.