2016 School of Prophecy in the Isle of Man – Testimonies

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 by Various Contributors


At the Four12 time in Isle of Man a year ago, Chris Staples (Elder in Living Hope, Isle of Man) had a picture of the house martin, a migratory bird which makes its nest under the eaves of a house. He felt God speaking about a prophetic school – a part of the year only, in different places, under the covering of the Elders. The first Four12 School of Prophecy in Cape Town a few months earlier, saw 90+ “house martins” attending and being equipped to soar in the prophetic! Over June / July 2016, another 50+ “house martins” from Isle of Man, England and South Africa gathered for the second Four12 School of Prophecy in Port St Mary, Isle of Man. Again, God exceeded all our expectations. Hearts were impacted deeply, and lives changed, as God spoke His precious thoughts to us and through us, as we stepped out of our comfort zones and dared to allow the Spirit to do what He wants to do. Freedom, joy, life in abundance! Never the same again!

My Biggest Fear

by Brendon Alford

From the first day of the School of Prophecy, all fears, worries and self-doubts had no option but to leave as the Holy Spirit engulfed us all on a personal level and left everyone going home simply on fire for more of God. I learnt that God is not wanting us to stand on a platform and perform some kind of spectacular magic trick but rather to simply open ourselves and get aligned with His will so that He can powerfully move through us. It’s only through God that my biggest fear of street evangelism turned into my biggest highlight of the school as I managed to use the prophetic to make way for God to really touch hearts out on the streets. I now aim to seek the prophetic as I serve the church and in my everyday life while humbly asking God to increase my faith for more.”

What Had I Let Myself In For?

by Ruth Baker

I approached the school with some trepidation, “what had I let myself in for, could I do this?” But from the first day Wow! The teaching was so relevant, the worship times were transforming and the Holy Spirit took us deeper and higher. I have been set free of past hurts and insecurities and deepened my relationship with God. As I now go about my daily life I am much more aware of the inner promptings of the Holy Spirit guiding me to the needs of others. I left with new skills, friendships and confidence but most of all a new hunger to reach with the love of Jesus to the lost, lonely and hurting people of the world. I still have a lot to learn and am so thankful to be part of the Four12, a movement which does what it sets out to do.

I Fell In Love Again

by Roelf Odendaal

Months ago I felt a soft prompting from the Holy Spirit to attend the school irrespective of work pressures I was under. I’m so thankful I obeyed these promptings. The work that the Lord did in my personal walk with Him far outweighed the equipping part (as good as this aspect of the school was). I once again fell in love with God as I realised afresh how much more He is more interested in me and my relationship with Him, than what I can ‘do for Him’. We were all spurred into more and our gifts fanned into flames. Jesus is such a generous and gracious Lord; He makes it easy to follow Him and worship Him provided we are prepared to step out and to step up.

Clearer and Brighter

by Sue Kieswetter

As the School of Prophecy drew closer so did my apprehension and fear. The enemy was pulling his old tricks out of the bag, planting seeds of doubt and deception. I began to hear phrases like, “Did God really…?”, “you can’t do this”, “you shouldn’t…”. On and on it went on until I suddenly realised that I had had enough, I drew up all my courage and submitted to the still small voice of Holy Spirit, gently calling me on and prompting me into more. The school of prophecy saw a group of wonderfully loving people pray with me, and I was released into total freedom from the enemy’s devious plans for my life. The accusing, doubting voices were silenced and I stepped into the exceedingly, abundantly ‘more’ of our loving, forgiving Saviour. Everything is clearer and brighter now and I have been forever changed by the power of our loving God.

Spiritual Boot Camp

by Zuzana Sparks

Wow! I knew God was going to do amazing things through the school, but I was not expecting to see lives impacted and changed to such an extent. People opened up and we got to know each other on a very deep level. People were set free and released to do Gods work. Personally, my life has been changed and my eyes opened! I have been stretched out of my socks, but loved every minute of it. I never thought of myself as being evangelist, but for the first time in my life I have stepped out and now I look for opportunities daily. One thing is for sure, life is never going to be the same for me and my family.