2016 School of Prophecy in South Africa – Testimonies

Four12 Global News, School of Prophecy

 by Various Contributors


Over Easter 2016, about 95 saints from all over South Africa and even as far as Isle of Man, gathered in Cape Town for our first Four12 School of Prophecy. The School was intended as a stretching intermediate “boot camp” for those who are already operating in a measure of the prophetic and have a foundational knowledge of the prophetic. And oh my goodness, were we stretched – not only in exercising the gift, but in our hearts! God exceeded all our expectations, and we are so grateful to Him for meeting with us, training and equipping us in the prophetic, but more importantly, impacting our hearts the way He did and changing us to be more like Him! Jonathan David Helser has a new song called “Thank you” and the chorus goes like this:  “You don’t have to come, but you always do. You show up in splendor and you change the whole room”, and that just about sums up every day of the week!

Come expectant

by Ruth Trollip

“Welcome to the FIRST School of Prophecy,” were the words that resounded in the room. The Holy Spirit came in power and there is no way you leave unchanged when that happens. I learned that “hearing God’s voice” has nothing to do with me and that this powerful knowledge completely takes the pressure off to perform or deliver. I learned that the Holy Spirit is always talking and that we need only open up our hearts, eyes and ears to hear Him. One of the most amazing things that was broken over my life during this time, was the impartation from Sammy Sheppard in the prophetic through art. I now use any spare moment to worship Jesus by painting pictures that He gives me. I encourage anyone entering the next School of Prophecy, by saying: Come expectant! Come ready for being changed by the omnipotent power of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Head Over Heels

by Dave Mcgillivray

I headed off to the School of Prophecy with a lot of excitement, but also quite a few fears. (I’m going to be with 90+ strangers, I’m going to have to step out of my comfort zones…). The School straight away started off with a bang! We had some teaching and then were put into groups to prophesy over complete strangers. We headed out to do street evangelism the next day! Amongst the crazy busyness, I found myself falling head over heels in love with Jesus and his heart for people. I felt a new love for people birthed in my heart! It was so refreshing! Coming away from the School of Prophecy, I have found myself not focusing as much on prophecy as I might have expected. I have found myself burning with a new hunger to see the lost saved, to see people loved, to see the church come into more! Prophecy is one beautiful aspect, which helps us to facilitate all this. Prophecy is for everyone. God doesn’t just speak to a select few. It is so exciting to see what the Holy Spirit will do when we give him the freedom to use our lives! There is so much more for us all!

Tangible Presence

by Mariette Loubser

Where to begin? I was super excited for the School of Prophecy to start! The like-mindedness and encouraging atmosphere among the group was incredibly special. The way Four12 celebrated me as a visitor from another part of the Body of Christ, really blessed and encouraged me. I especially enjoyed hearing the life testimonies from all the attendees! The way God came to minister to me in the unexpected moments, still has me in awe of how God works, so precise and so beautiful! Thank you, Four12, for creating an atmosphere where God’s presence could be tangible and for allowing Him to minister in such a powerful way. It was so awesome to minister to others and watch the Holy Spirit being spot on, like only He can! Who was more excited – me, the person I was praying for, or God? I don’t know. “Fanning into flame and stirring up the gifts given to us by the Holy Spirit” – that would definitely sum up School of Prophecy for me. Thank you to the amazing team that served us in this tremendous way!

Battered and Bruised

by Bobby Collins

I was truly excited at having the opportunity to attend the School of Prophecy, and this being because before I joined Joshua Generation Church, I came out of the Prophetic ministry where I had been battered and bruised, but still knowing this is my calling and what I have been anointed to do. I had a great expectation of meeting with God from day one! I saw saints so hungry to be the mouthpiece to others and not just receive from God. I had facilitated a few prophetic seminars myself, but I had never experienced the reality of being with saints all wanting to get involved and eager to prophesy. There was no selfish ambition to just receive, but to rather be the blessing. I had decided to put all I knew on one side and just soak up what God was saying ‘now’. This was the best thing I could ever had done – I had a paradigm shift in my thinking about the way the prophetic works within the Body. God then showed me what was happening to me as I was broken down and rebuilt on the firm foundation of Jesus. During the week, I got more than just a touch from God, my whole life changed. There was a greater call to walk closer to God because of the gifting He has given us and to be a steward of that. God has renewed my vision for where He has placed me within Joshua Generation Church and with what He wants me to do. To walk in love, to speak in obedience, and to live according to His Word.

Let’s Do Stuff

by Liz East

I had the wonderful privilege to be part of the School of Prophecy, Cape Town. I arrived there with expectation, some trepidation and a decision to come to learn with a blank canvas. God had other ideas – certainly surprising me but also using the experience I have and confirming many words He has spoken before. The teaching sessions were excellent and I learnt a great deal at every session. The impact for me was ‘doing the stuff’ within the incredible atmosphere of authenticity, boldness and above all love. I loved the sense of team, inclusivity, humility, of rejoicing in each other’s diverse gifts, cheering each other on and constantly looking outwards. Intentional friendships have been formed! What did I take away? The prophetic is normal and we can live it everyday! God wants to speak to everyone and it’s so exciting to do that with Him! I am challenged to be so much more intentional everywhere I go and to encourage and teach people around me to do the same. I have a greater sense of the authority I carry; I feel empowered to be who God has made me to be and to be bold in my giftings, to ask for the more and to help others to step out.

Rusty Old Pharisee

by Howard Fyvie

To say I was at first reluctant to be part of the School of Prophecy, is putting it mildly. In a way, I felt like my proverbial prophetic ship had sailed many years prior, like I lost my chance to grow in the gift due to a busy life, no longer being part of the ‘inner circle’ of my local church, and in general, just feeling like a rusty old Pharisee. God, on the other hand, wanted me there. Two weeks later, through the recent acquisition of a prophetic girlfriend, I found myself being part of the school along with 90 super-zealous, slightly weird and way-too-happy Christians. Perfect, I thought. The next 10 days saw any rust that had taken residence in my heart, get shaken off through honest workshops, spontaneous prophetic words, lots of laughter, good food, spiritually challenging exercises and people who love Jesus. The beautiful thing was that my little inner legalist was totally upstaged throughout the week. I expected to crawl my way back into His presence in an attempt to resuscitate the gift that I hadn’t used for years. Not so. Jesus, in his grace, allowed me to quickly and easily once again slip into the prophetic: words flowed, visions came to my mind and I suddenly prophesied insanely accurately into the lives of strangers. It was a powerful time and I believe not just us, but the whole Four12 network will benefit from the School of Prophecy. Expect words. Expect faith. Expect miracles. A month later and I’m still wearing this warm jacket of prophecy, keen to use the gift and keep my ears close to the pulse of God’s heart, where the song of Grace whispers to us every day, all day.