Mobilising The Saints

Going on outreaches not only blesses those we go to, it also helps us to grow. I’ve found it to be true that it is a greater blessing to bless (reach out) than to receive a blessing (be reached out to).

Greetings from Uganda

I have attended two of the Four12 conferences hosted in South Africa, and I must confess after attending them my spiritual life has not remained the same

You are God and I am Not

Along with the incredibly key messages shared at this year’s Four12 Conference in South Africa, there were also wonderful times of worship, including the singing of this song ‘You Are God and We Are Not’

How He Loves Me

In my mind, I knew God loves me, but in my heart I couldn’t feel it and I was stepping out in asking God to (in his kindness) meet me at my point of need and speak to me.

Whether You’re 16 or 60

It was great to see that whilst we went there to encourage the Brazilian youth, we were just as equally encouraged by their boldness and faith.

Even Though I’m Young

I’m so blessed to have been given such a wonderful opportunity to go to Brazil as part of a youth outreach team from my church, Living Hope.

From Friends to Family

ow wonderful it was to see close to 20 people respond to Jesus over the course of the weekend – souls rescued, eternities changed!

A Leap of Faith

One of the most incredible aspects of being a F12 partnering church, is the strong relationships formed by the leaders and saints of one church to another.

A Dream to Go!

Whilst ‘GOING’ undeniably takes us out of our comfort zones, there is so much more God can do in our own hearts when we allow him to stretch us.

Malawi Is Being Transformed

Our teenage son, who had run away from home for three months, returned while the outreach team was with us, and our 16-year-old daughter committed her life to Jesus.

The Storms Will Come

The waves will come, we don’t have control over this.  We could either reject this season and all it could accomplish in our lives, letting it slam us into the arms of bitterness, anger, rejection…or we could embrace it.

A New Faith Adventure

It’s difficult to capture in words what our God did in and amongst us during our recent European Four12 Conference in the Isle of Man. Those who attended will say with certainty that their lives will never be the same.

Landing in a Sea of Skyscrapers

It’s a different world: 175 000 people in Stellenbosch compared to 23 455 000 in Sao Paulo. São Paulo is enormous! You get around by jumping on the metro or taking an Uber.

Hermit to Honeybee

As I prayed and prophesied, helped tidy up and wash cups, as I went to a games evening with a complete bunch of strangers, I just kept thinking, “Wow! I would never have been able to do this before.”

Coming Alive in Cape Town

This little taste of heaven ignited a desire in all of us, we knew we were gathered for more, more of our King & His Kingdom, more of us as saints coming together united by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Bridge Builders Needed

As saints and partners in Christ, over the weekend we had the opportunity to be a part of building cross-cultural kingdom partnerships.

God Is on the Move in Bloem

We have had a lot of people from Four12 partnering churches come and visit us. Some people drove more than 8 hours on just to support us on a Sunday morning.

Saved From Darkness

I’d been a main player in a criminal syndicate that distributed drugs to many Johannesburg night clubs, arrested multiple times for reasons ranging from assault to drugs…and even attempted murder.

Update from Malawi- June 2019

After moving to Malawi in February 2019, we settled into the capital city, Lilongwe and faced the many joys and challenges of moving to a new place, with a new culture.

A Year with Andrew Selley – Part 2

After spending a year ‘shadowing’ Andrew, Lukas shares some heartfelt words of reflection and inspiration.

Our God of Miracles

We had been given 8 weeks to raise this money (not knowing then that even more funds would be needed than we’d originally thought). A mammoth task!

A Year with Andrew Selley – Part 1

After spending a year ‘shadowing’ Andrew, Lukas shares some heartfelt words of reflection and inspiration.

Highs and Lows

If I could go back in time to the day we were asked to plant a new Joshua Generation Church congregation, my response now would be the same…and yet very different.

A Perfect Day

A seemingly perfect day on a beach in Brazil interrupted by a really frightening turn in events. Was God there in it all? What was He showing me?

Worship Beyond Borders

Wherever we went we had wonderful opportunities to encourage the people there with regards to worship, intimacy with the Lord and prayer.

2019 School of Prophecy in Brazil

Share in some of the highlights of our 2019 School of Prophecy in Brazil by checking out this feedback.

Blown out of the Water

I was set free from a spirit of fear that had tormented me for about a year and a half (during this time, I was not able to sleep and when I did, I had to have the lights on).

No Suffering Wasted

This has been our prayer right from the start of this journey – that our suffering would never be wasted, that we would never curl into a ball, shrink back and hide behind the diagnosis and its physical effects on my body.

Kimberley’s Diamonds

God is restoring His diamonds in Kimberley, and He will use His Love Church to do so.

I Was Expecting Fireworks

I had grown up hearing radical stories from outreaches and I had an expectation that I too would soon be telling stories of the powerful move of God.

Hidden Treasure in Dublin

I have been left shaken, tearful and speechless by what I have heard. Sometimes I am just deeply humbled to hear what some people have been through.

In the Eye of the Storm

Having cancer again was tough on its own, but being 21 weeks pregnant at the same time made the situation even more complicated and extremely dangerous.

Zimbabwe Relief

How can we can be a part of providing aid for our partnering churches in Zimbabwe during this difficult time? Watch this clip from Cliff Hiscock and Johane Musviba…

Loving the Bride in Africa

The world stares in unbelief at the irony of a drought-stricken nation now flooded after the heavy rains that developed into a cyclone striking Mozambique, Zimbabwe and affecting Malawi severely.

This is Family

I have never experienced family like this, a joining of hearts, dreams and desires.

Not So Picture Perfect

Rejecting manhood would mean I would not grow up and into my own masculine identity and would end up craving it in another man.

Connect Europe

For a week in February, leaders from churches across Europe gathered in Switzerland. Nations represented covered Switzerland, Isle of Man, UK, Poland, Spain and Romania.

Bringing the Kingdom on Campus

We played some music, got the food ready, and waited for the students. And they came. They came hungry, curious, grateful and ready to hang out. Inevitably, they wanted to know one thing: why?

No Turning Back

He asked for people to respond to the Lord if they wanted to declare to God “use me anywhere, anyhow, anytime etc.” and when I stood up to respond I knew without a doubt that God had seen this and that He took it seriously.

Suspended in His Sovereignty

There’s something about suffering that is so beautifully raw and real that it intrinsically separates the ‘fluffy’ faith from the true regenerate work of God in our lives.

Our Call to the Nations

When you have made a decision to die to yourself, living for Christ is the most amazing adventure.

We Were Asked and We Said: Yes!

One thing we have learned in this short space of time, having begun working on the ground in October 2018 in Khayelitsha, is that church planting is a wild, adventurous ride and requires an immediate response to God’s call.

Obedient, Even Unto Discomfort

I have suddenly been presented with something that feels kind of terrifying. Stepping through the unknown takes courage and courage isn’t always readily available.

Planting in Partnership

To be honest, there were often times when we felt that we were too young to plant a church, or even be involved in a church plant, but I was reminded of a scripture where Paul writes to Timothy…

God is Working in the Nations!

The trip was amazing from start to finish. I had gone with a willing heart, asking God to use me and expecting to be pushed out of my comfort zone, and of course, He is faithful and didn’t disappoint!

His Daughter First

I had my youngest little girl at the end of last year, 2017, and I always felt, with regards to going on an outreach, that it was something I would have to wait to do.

Shot at Point-Blank Range

I didn’t know who had shot me so I was fearful of them coming back for me and trying to kill me again. I was hooked on cocaine and heroin and all the things that go along with that lifestyle.

Better Together

Covenant Life Church announced some exciting changes that will be happening in 2019! Take a look at the clip to find out more…

Not a One Man Show

To have partners means a sharing of ideas and thoughts, feedback on ministry and how it is really going. It means encouraging each other in the face of difficulties, companionship and sharing of the highs and lows.

We’re Not Alone

The biggest encouragement we have experienced since partnering with Four12, is the reassurance that we are not alone on this journey.

In the Storm

Just as it was all going exactly where I believe God was leading it, a storm arose. Everything within days somehow flipped upside-down.

This Season for a Reason

In a new and unfamiliar season, we can miss what the Lord is doing in our hearts and lives. As I look back, I see that the initial ‘discomfort’ I experienced was part of the good work the Lord was doing in my life.

Marijuana Legalisation and the Church

Andrew Selley shares with us some important keys and wisdom in light of the news of new laws regarding marijuana use in South Africa.

The Reach Beyond a Pulpit

Before Christianity is a philosophy, or a theology, or a moral way of living – Christianity is news. And not just any kind of news – it is a good news message.

True Rest in Zambia

I discovered that true rest comes in abiding in the Father and obedience to his will and there is a great encouragement in seeing His Kingdom advance across the world.

For This Child We Prayed

In the quest to become parents, if there was something to be done, we did it, and at times at great personal or financial cost.

A Marriage Restored

When we give up trying to control our own lives…it may be the very thing that not only saves our marriages but saves ‘ourselves’ in the process.

A Book Review: You and Me Forever

Marriage is great, but it’s not forever. It’s until death do us part. Then come eternal rewards or regrets depending on how we spent our lives.

A Watershed Moment

What did Mike experience at the 2018 Four12 School of Evangelism in South Africa? Watch this great video testimony from Mike and be encouraged by what God is doing amongst us.

2018 School of Evangelism Testimonies

In July of 2018 Four12 held a school designed to develop those who feel they are called to be five-fold evangelists or those that wanted to develop in evangelism. Here are some of the life-changing stories from our time together!

Becoming Fast Family

Throughout the outreach we spent time sharing our testimonies and praying for each other, meeting in homes and forming amazing new relationships.

Saved from Stardom

Melissa’s story is a powerful reminder to us all of the frailty of earthly ambitions, the dangers and empty pleasures of ‘all this world holds dear’ and the incredible trustworthy and ‘tested’ love of the Father.

Don’t Get Stuck Spectating

We can come to meetings on a Sunday, raise our hands as the music team plays, attend a community group in the middle of the week and even profess to be a Christian; and not actually be a disciple of Jesus.

Just Not Our Money

The morning after booking our travel tickets the feeling of “what are we doing spending all our money like this?” hit me. It felt so unwise for all three of us to go overseas right then.

An Unforgettable Outreach

One lady who had cervical cancer went to the hospital after being prayed for and the doctors were astounded that the cancer had disappeared.

The Parable of Barry

There was much that we experienced and shared together during the week in Harare, but one testimony has stood out as a reminder of how personally the Father calls us to Himself.

Many Miracles

Going on outreaches means being R.F.A. (Ready For Anything) and full of faith for God to perform many signs and wonders.

Show and Tell

The music team led us in Xhosa and English worship and it was such a powerful picture of what heaven might look like one day when every nation, tribe and tongue will worship.

Laying down Our Plans

Our last meeting as Freedom Life was quite emotional, this was the laying down of one dream to choose to embrace God’s plan and ‘new thing’.

Wild Shrubs, Honey and Locusts

I believed that the prophetic was a gift exercised by an elite unit of divinely identified and isolated individuals whose daily diet consisted of…

A Twist in My Australian Tale

What seemed like an eternity (and a bit like a little dress rehearsal), turned out to be God, setting me up for something far greater.

Moms, It’s Not That Obvious

Both Jo and I both have large families (we each have four kiddies) and so it has always seemed obvious that it’s just not the ‘season’ in which we could do this.

Passionate About Parenting

This life is imperfect and you cannot shield them from the pain of living in a fallen world. Your children learn more about your faith during the bad times than they do during the good times.

When Food Hurts, Not Heals

In my teenage years, my limited and unhealthy diet started affecting me in a different way. I became very insecure about my body and the way I looked.

Be Fierce

Courage is not the absence of fear! Courage is acknowledging our fear… and then stepping out, in the face of our fear, to fight for what we know is right.

Our 2018 School of Prophecy

The Spirit was so faithful and many had amazing testimonies of accurate words of knowledge and prophetic words for people, of healings and even opportunities to introduce people to Jesus.

The Will of God?

Thankfully I had also heard Andrew Selley’s words to the church “fill a gap wherever there is a gap in the church, if it is something you like to do or not”.

When God Writes Your Life Story

I asked God in faith for what I desired…and God gave me all of it…and they all lived happily ever after. Okay that’s not the end of the story, in fact it was just the beginning.

Rapid Acceleration

God is in no rush, He sees the big picture of our lives and He is interested in the ‘end goal’, his ways often include many stops, detours, side-ventures and learning stages.

Passing on the Baton

The unknown is always scary- but isn’t the essence of adventure, needing to pluck up the courage to step out into the unknown? Choosing boldness, even when your gut reaction emotions tempt you to “feel” anything but brave.

Connecting and Equipping in Europe

It was so special, and it was just the beginning of a powerful army rising up to represent Jesus in Europe, one which I am sure will move in influence and significance as the Lord builds His house amongst us.

More Important Than My Comfort

I was so set on seeing this prophetic word become a reality that I didn’t stop to ask God what He thought about my future plans. Without realising it I was following the prophetic word instead of following God’s voice.

Go Anywhere, Anytime

Our response to this new adventure was “Yes Lord!” We’ll do whatever it is you ask of us. Our hearts were fired up, full of faith because Jesus was walking with us and showing us the next step.

Facing the Tests

The Holy Spirit enabled me to face the test head on. God added a huge dose of humility and ‘log out of my eye’ perspective to my viewpoint and the strangest thing happened.

When Hindu Temples Failed Me

I knew that my own strength and good deeds had brought me to my wit’s end, and I thought that death was the only answer.

Incredible YOYL Moments

We are excited to see new international leaders be raised up as they give a year to serve and solely focus on Jesus.

A Mediocre Life

My journey with Jesus is causing me to recognise more and more that my idea of success and God’s own ideas on the subject often differ radically.

Breaking out of My Box

It just shows that there is no such thing as ‘baby Christians’, life in Christ isn’t about how long you’ve been saved – but everything to do with how much you’ve given of your life to carry the cross and be Christ’s disciple!

Now Is the Time

God is using Firebrand Church to reach the lost, broken and hurting in an area of Dublin that has become known for gangsterism, drugs, murders and suicides.

The Freedom to Move

There is so much more that God has done for me through my time in Brazil, it’s been wild (in the best way possible) and I know I am forever changed!

God in the Toughest Season

No matter what the circumstances are we know it was God’s enabling grace that brought us through the hardest season of our lives to date.

My Penalty Kick

It turns out that I wasn’t really scared of the conference I think I was scared to face God again.

The Unlikely Couple

Remaining submitted to the Elders back in Cape Town we started our first ‘church gathering’ with 4 people in our lounge.

Would You Choose a Perfect Life?

Now that I’ve been to and experienced all God does during these conference times I don’t think I will ever miss the Four12 Conference in South Africa ever again.

The Missing Peace

Christians love praying for peace. But do we even know what we’re praying for? If Christians seek the peace of the world, a peace without God, that peace is merely a façade.

Desperate for Rain

I feel so blessed that my family and I were able to experience an amazing adventure with Four12, together. So thankful for who God is…

Nothing Hidden

How do we know the condition of our hearts? We cannot hide the condition of our hearts for long, eventually our mouths will betray us.

Ultimate Success

What followed was a year and a half of not being able to lean on my impeccable credentials, my education at the best university in Africa, my networks or the colour of my skin.

Up and Running

I was religious in my heart. There was not deep devotion to Jesus, only a surface “know the right answers and ways to act” attitude that I had.

Our Faithful God

Included in our TMT (Timothy Ministry Training) year, is a national outreach for three weeks focused on ministering into schools.

Ripples into the Nations

God still anoints people today with an apostolic gifting so that they can lead churches into His pattern as it’s laid out in the Bible.

Faces & Places in Kapeka

The locals there live with no running water or toilet facilities, and for our stay, a ‘long drop’ toilet facility served our needs.

Jesus Loves the Little Children

During our time with this church I had a turn to share the gospel. I felt the intense weight of the reality that this could possibly be the only time they hear the word of God.

Adventures for Right Now

On the last day in the village we had baptisms in a nearby quarry, sixteen people were baptized, one after the other. It was incredible to be able to witness!

What Have You Really Got to Lose?

For me, it wasn’t only the first kiss we had shared, but the very first kiss I’d ever shared with any guy. Did I have any regrets that day?

Blown Away by Richards Bay

We truly were blown away by the overwhelming love, joy and warmth of welcome into the lives, homes, fridges and hearts of our Four12 family in Richards Bay.

Learning the Feminine Arts?

The essence of femininity is “surrender”, “yieldedness” to God first and then flowing out of that to our husbands, church leaders. This is not possible outside of a change of heart.

Students Doing Things Differently

All it takes is one skim through the book of Acts to realise that urgently spreading the Gospel was ingrained into the way that the apostles lived, and this is the way that we are called to live too.

No Longer a Shrinking Violet

The time had come for a new light, a new lighthouse, the lighthouse of Jesus calling forth all to the safety of the shores of His love.

Not About Our Best Preaches

The third impression that struck home was the humility amongst the leaders, no jockeying for position, no ambition to preach, but simply a desire to honour Jesus by following the leading of His Spirit.

Beyond My Borders

I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to come over to the Isle of Man to love and serve the church here, to learn, to grow, and to build relationships with people from across the nations.

Shaken Not Stirred

I’m 35 not 75 and I’m fit and healthy and on paper, what I went through is so unlikely that I really would have guffawed at you.

I Am No Saint

“Four12 is more than just a conference and name tags. It is a global, regional and local partnership of saints advancing the kingdom of God.”

Icing on the Cake

How amazing is the family of God across the world? We recently returned from South Africa after 3 weeks of travelling across the Garden Route from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

Pucker Up

There, hugs, kisses on the cheek and pats on the back are meted out generously, like the England football team gifting goals to everyone at a World Cup

Zeal Alone is Not Enough

Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers, we have unique opportunity to raise up leaders and impact the Church in Zambia

Smiling Again

The school was so much more than me learning to hear the voice of God for other people. It was also about hearing God’s heart for me.

Kitchen Dance Parties

I have been away from my home on the Isle of Man, and in South Africa for 4 months now, which means that I am half way through my adventure time here!

We Went Camping!

Our Covenant Life Church leaders camp was no exception, it felt as if God took 3 days and moved us forward 3 years!

Living Life in The “Fast” Lane

Prayer I understood, prayer I could do easily, prayer I had experienced breakthrough with. But fasting?

Making Huge Strides

As I reflect upon these two churches, I am extremely expectant that as we partner with them, they are going to make huge strides in reaching the lost …

Break the Drought Forever

If you are dry and thirsty; if your life is feeling barren and unproductive, sad and disillusioned, come to the source of Life and Joy today

A Son, Even as a Daughter

Do we experience the peace of knowing we’re ‘just’ following the Spirit’s gentle guidance? Is my life exhibiting this big characteristic of being a son in the house…

Be My Guest

DO show an interest in your hosts and their children! “If you show love for my child, you are greatly blessing and loving me!”

Mothers, High and Holy Calling

The greatest disservice you can do your child is to lead them to believe that they are the centre of the universe.

It Shouts Go, Go, Go!

Don’t let your fear being uncomfortable keep you from growing in character (for the Kingdom’s sake even more than your own). It’s just not worth it.

The Next Eight Seconds

As I move into the next eight seconds He has the reins. I know the ride will be wild but there is no other way to face it other than with Jesus at the reins

How Do You See Him?

He is jealous for you. Don’t dilute your relationship with Him but trying to live through the revelations of others. Seek God for yourself!

God Speaks When I…

Within 24 hours our church leader had called and asked me to preach at church. Our community was amazed.

On the Frontline

It has been my absolute privilege to do this on the Isle of Man by being a part of the launch of Living Hope’s fifth congregation – Douglas PM!

The Smell of a Good Shepherd

I have encountered many amazing Godly shepherds but I also had to wrestle with disappointment in shepherds…

Let’s Be ‘Do-ers’

I know that the Lord has so much more for Dublin and the Isle of Man, and that’s what I pray for each of us: that we will move into the more of what God has for us here and now and not settle.

My Glory is Arising

If my servants and Church will humble themselves, walk in love, humility and unity, I shall bless them, I shall conquer for them. I shall break down the walls and places of captivity.

Furiously Trying to Tick Boxes

He didn’t deliver His Word and then leave us to get on with trying to get it right. The Bible without the Spirit is death…


That’s how Oxygen Life Church was planted 15 years ago, and it’s time to do it again for the third time! In ten weeks, mid-February 2017

God is on the Move

We have been experiencing an amazing time of the move of the Spirit in 2016 and members are rising up and into greater intimacy in their walk with God.

New Name, New Life

We are a small church but growing steadily and with an amazing hunger for the Presence of the Lord. I am consistently getting feedback from people of how loved they feel.

Bringing Fun and Laughter

When someone knows God’s love, they can’t help but see what God sees in others. ‘JoshGen’ is a church full of people who love and value their brothers and sisters.

Excitement in Africa

When we go into the nations and build up His body it as if we get an injection of God’s jealousy for His church, as spoken through Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:2 “I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy”

Call Me an Optimist

I believe the same applies to local churches. One church breaking through into more can have a radical impact on the mindsets of so many others. One church partnering properly

Seeing His Love

His Love Church started partnering with Four12 in the middle of 2016 and has since this time welcomed various visits from Four12 Partnering leaders and ministering teams.

What God is Doing in Hoedspruit

We had five folk from our The Gathering Place travel down with us to Cape Town to attend the conference, and since returning home they have not ceased to express how thoroughly they were blessed

Andrew (who) Selley

Since today is Andrew Selley’s birthday, we thought we’d take the opportunity to find out more about the man ‘they’ call A J Selley (okay, we’re not sure if anyone calls Andrew ‘A J’, but we think it’s catchy, right?).

When God Has Other Plans

I have now seen how I have underestimated what God can do through me in what seems to be small and insignificant moments. The Gospel is exactly the same no matter where in the world you are.

“The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness”

It’s tough at times trying to embody humility- finding the balance between thinking you should reject any recognition sent your way and yet not getting too big a kick out of people’s validation.

Sleep Like a Baby

Due to our previous Four12 Conferences I thought something life changing was in store, but I expected it to be more of a ‘heart change’ than a ‘physical change’…

A Great Celebration

God moved strongly and many lives were touched. Over 40 people responded to the gospel.

Run the Race, Together

The best moments from the third and final day of the conference…

Quote Me on This

The second day in quotes: “For those of you who are Applestolic…” .The Isle of Man’s Chris Staples, coining a term for Christians who own iPhones.

“I just want a leetle taste of the glory!”

Not able to be at the Four12 conference in Cape Town? I’ve got you covered! Here’s how the first day unfolded…

Namibian Adventures

We cannot believe that we have been here for 3 weeks in total already. So much has happened and God has done so much in our lives and in the people here in Aranos.

No Ordinary Conference

“Wow, this has been no ordinary conference – God has moved!”- these were the words that came out of my mouth as we finished up with our 153 attendees at the Four12 Leaders Conference in Keetmanshoop, Nambia.

Better than the Olympics

Greetings in the precious name of Jesus from Hoedspruit. South Africa. What an exciting month this has been, much better than the Olympics!

Time To Fly

In March 2016 I attended the Four12 School of Prophecy and was given so many tools in the prophetic, not just to minister but to help and equip others to walk in their giftings too.

Get Your Own Story

I am no one extraordinary and no I’m not insecure about this truth. In fact I revel in the truth that I don’t need to be anyone special to fulfill the God given commission given to us all as believers.

The Kingdom’s Law of Gravity

When I said yes to travelling for 26 hours to the largest nation in the world to see the Kingdom of God come on earth as it is in heaven, I never expected God to do such a miraculous work in my own heart too.

Brazil-iant Zeal

The people in this city work hard, and by “work hard” I mean, just like the city, the people themselves never seem to stand still. That is the biggest thing that amazes me the about “São Paulians”, their capacity for fully living life.

Seeking Stillness in Africa

Although it seems such a simple concept, we can often get so caught up in meetings and church culture, that we don’t take the time to sit quietly at Jesus’s feet.

For the Love of the Swiss

I knew that God had gone out of his way to make the trip possible. The question in my mind was one asking why God had gone to all this trouble to make sure that I was here.

Living Stones in Livingstone

If there was ever evidence needed that church is not a building made of bricks and cement but rather the ‘living stones’ consisting of people (1 Peter 2:5), this is it!

Can You Expect Too Much From God?

Not even a gruelling 26 hours of travel could steal their focus from the mission that they carried within their hearts…

Finding The Perfect Fit

Wow! What a great sense of belonging we have experienced after having finally said yes to the invite to be part of Four12 in the beginning of 2015.

2016 School of Prophecy in the Isle of Man – Testimonies

Over June / July 2016, 50+ “house martins” from Isle of Man, England and South Africa gathered for the second Four12 School of Prophecy in Port St Mary, Isle of Man. Read some of their testimonies here…

I Will Speak, I Will Risk

About 18 months ago as my precious middle daughter, Abby, was leaving our home after a time of prayer together she said, “Mom, I really feel like you need to step out more in the prophetic”.

Not His First Love

I can never expect my husband to fulfill in my heart only that which God can do, just as I can never expect God to bless our relationship if we place Him selfishly “2nd most important ” in our lives and marriage.

Conference Attendance for Dummies

So you got tired of ‘fomo’…You don’t want to miss out on anything else, you’re all signed up, and ready to attend your first ever Four12 Conference.

Supernatural Encounters

We’re believing God that these three days will be memorable not merely for conference preaches but for supernatural encounters between the church and her Lord…

They Conquered

What God did with me on the outreach … I got to experience God’s presence and was stretched a lot to prophesy and share my testimony with people I don’t know. I witnessed growth in our team, almost like they stepped out of their cocoons and became alive

The Gift of Vulnerability

We are all from different congregations, different backgrounds, different socio-economic circumstances, and even different colours, and yet it is our faith that unites us and our faith has no colour but the colour of the blood of Jesus.

Going To Dance

Covenant Life Church, Benoni just had the privilege of hosting the first ever Gauteng Regional Equipping Time all- God’s church was hungry to meet with Him and He showed up in a big way!

No Rosy Romance

And I know some of you are wondering and asking the question:” How has the experience been so far?” Well to start with I have to confess, I do normally enjoy camping, but only for a few days and then I want to go home!! So to be dead honest, in the physical it hasn’t all been rosy and romantic.

Looking For An Excuse

My heart squeezed to full capacity within me. Every bit of me challenged. Excuses are so easy to make. “Lord not this outreach, not this opportunity to volunteer, not this worship session…because…

Better Than Lamb Chops

You don’t have to be more than a few kilometres into Namibia to realise life in this country is something else. The road is straight for hundreds of kilometres, the sun is always shining and every person you see greets you with the friendliest face imaginable.

Maybe An Angel?

Okay so they didn’t entertain an angel (Yes the girls would not believe me if I tried to convince them otherwise, hehe)…this time.

Easy To Sulk, Better to Love

I was reading Job 23 and was reminded of a word brought by an elder at our leaders at Joshua Generation Church. He shared about trusting God even when life seems so unfair

Before there was time…

Before there was time, before there was light. Before the earth began to turn. Before there were stars, or galaxies or the universe… There was God. And God was thinking about you.

Was It Even Worth It?

I came back from the Eastern Cape Four12 Regional Equipping Time earlier this year with my heart feeling so full and encouraged with what God is doing across the Four12 churches!

You’re Not Good Enough

Rather than listening to what our maker says about us we often allow what other people think of us determine who we are.

My Chosen Weapon

Fasting is one of my chosen weapons against the forces of this world that would satisfy me in anything but God. It sharpens my appetite for the spiritual life I’m called to live.

The Living Dead

The world says we are just victims of our circumstances. God says something different! We have felt God calling the youth be empowered by Him! Dead to self, alive to Christ. (Romans 6:11)

Just One Little Kiss

When I was just 14 years old I heard a girl in her 20’s speak of her decision to save her first kiss for marriage…

2016 School of Prophecy in South Africa – Testimonies

Over Easter 2016, about 95 saints from all over South Africa and even as far as Isle of Man, gathered in Cape Town for our first Four12 School of Prophecy. Read some of their testimonies here…

Blown Away

I am blown away by the amount of enthusiasm that has been expressed by our staff and students as they form apart of the first Four12 School of Prophecy in South Africa.

My Small, Safe Island

I was born on the ‘small and safe Isle of Man where there is nothing to do’ (or so many Manx kids believe), where we have headline news like ‘Several pints of milk have been stolen from a doorstep.’

A Letter To You, Saint

I wanted to give you all a quick heads- up as to some of what I am trusting will take place during ‘our’ (Four12) times together. We are trusting for much in God as you step out and be a part of any of the amazing outreaches, conferences and equipping ‘events’ coming up in 2016.

How Not to Become an Elder

Although it is people that recognize the call of God on certain soon-to-be elders, it is vitally important to remember that people are only recognizing something which God has ordained to be.

Outreach Opportunities… Get Out There!

We are very excited to share with you our February – July 2016 Four12 Outreaches clip, filled with helpful details and the ‘heart’ of getting into the nations this year.

The Nations Came to Us

“Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance, the ends of the earth your possession.” Psalm 2:8. We often think of this verse in the context of travelling to the nations but in the case of Joshua Generation Church’s Youth meeting in Cape Town, the nations have come to us!

Go On, Risk It Anyway

Bret, my husband, has the adventure gene. I have the…”sit quietly and enjoy watching the adventure” gene. Bret likes to hang off rocks, trail run down mountains at break neck speeds, and surprisingly…cook.

Marriage Revealed

When my wife and I had been married for just 5 months, I began to comprehend why already married couples told me – “when you get married you really learn what it means to die to yourself.”

Evangelise or Fossilize!

“My one word for our time in Hoedspruit, well for all of life as a Christian really, is RISK. There is no adventure without risk, but oh if you allow God to lead you on the adventure He so longs to lead you on, you will see His provision and providence in ways you could never imagine.”…

The Kingdom Of God Belongs To Such As These

Often we hear the youth being referred to as ‘the next generation’ or ‘the leaders of tomorrow’. I think that does not paint a fair picture of what our younger brothers and sisters are doing and can do for the Kingdom.

Beach to Benoni

Looking back now I would say that this incredible new chapter in our lives started with a prophetic word from one of our elders wives at a worship evening…