Worship Project

At the most recent Four12 SA Conference Andrew Selley announced the upcoming Four12 Album project. Part of changing the way the world does church is changing the way the world does worship. We need to put Jesus back at the centre and in doing this we are expecting new songs to be coming out of the churches.

The idea of this album is to capture these songs and use it as a resource for churches in the world. Our plan is to put this album online and make it available worldwide. So we need to start writing songs, collaborations are a great way to write songs- working in team, some are gifted with lyrics, some with melodies. Work with your church leaders, worship leaders and elders to ‘test-drive’ these new songs within home groups, or communities.

While everyone is busy songwriting our team here will be putting together a webpage where you can submit all these songs for this project. Information for that will be available soon, so keep watching our website for details.

In the meantime let’s get into the presence of God, spend time with Jesus and start writing some songs that come from God’s heart.

Update: you can now submit your songs here.