Salvations & Breakthrough

Amazing news! Over the past months God has been talking to us about the importance of evangelism. The church had struggled to see people responding to the gospel and getting saved for some time. Though very hungry to see the lost coming to Jesus, we realised that we hadn’t see even one person saved in the entire year. That was a shocking reality for us. This year however has been very different. The exciting news is that God has given us a wonderful breakthrough – in the last three months. We have seen 8 people so far respond to follow Jesus for the first time! How awesome is that!

Here is the story of how one of them came to Christ…

A scientist and self-confessed atheist had an encounter with God at a time of personal crisis. After getting to the point of not knowing what to do he prayed. He prayed to God to help him if he was real. He also said that if God would help him, then he would serve him. Suddenly both he and his fiancé experienced an incredible blinding light that came into the room. They both felt an overwhelming peace and a hope to deal with the situation they faced. Afterwards the scientist almost wondered if he had imagined the entire episode, but his finance, who had been with him testified that it had all been true and actually it must have been God.  The crisis that the scientist was facing was resolved and he felt that as God had so obviously helped him that he needed to honour his promise to God. Even though he was still not sure that he believed in God. He decided to offer his help with a food bank that the church was helping to run. So he turned up at one of the first meetings to offer his help. He was told by one of the church members that they actually they had all the help they needed but asked him if he was a Christian. He said he wasn’t sure. So he was invited to come on the Alpha course which was starting the following week. During the course the scientist shared the story of what had led him to be on the Alpha course. He told the story of the blinding light, the peace, and how God had helped him. Although he was quick to say that he did not believe in God, and that it all seemed a bit hard to understand or believe. On hearing the story, another unsaved man who was at the Alpha course exclaimed: “How can you not believe when such a thing has happened to you? Your story might not have helped you but it sure has helped me!” Needless to say the scientist, as well as all the others on the Alpha course responded to the Gospel and became followers of Christ. Last week we baptised the scientist and he gave one of the best testimonies I’ve heard. Lives changed new beginnings and an exciting journey of faith for each of these guys. We are looking forward to more Jesus testimonies and more fruit to come this year. 


 Steve Fishpool – Lead Elder, Christian Life Centre (Horsham, UK)