RSA Conference: The Best of Day 2

shaunBy Shaun Brauteseth
Elder at Oxygen Life Church, PE, South Africa


Best accent:
Euan MacRae, hands down. The debonair Isle of Manner could read through the terms and conditions of an iTunes update, and I’d be captivated all the way through.

Best spiritual firecracker:
Brad Verreynne preached the first session on seeing the power of God through our lives by knowing the authority that Jesus has. When Brad speaks, you feel like you can smash through a wall for Jesus, and us Port Elizabethanites couldn’t be more grateful for him.

Best quote:
“Four12’s values are not Four12’s values. We’re trying to live according to the New Testament’s values.”

That was Andrew Selley, sharing on the distinctives that God is calling our churches to live in. Also this zinger from Will Marais as we headed into worship in the afternoon session: “I know some of you are watching the clock for when the Springbok game starts, but I’ve got news for you: In about 30 seconds God is arriving.”

Best metaphor:
If you know Will, you’ll know that when he wants to show that he’s not paying an insincere compliment, he says, “I’m not throwing sugar to the birds.” If throwing sugar to birds was something Will actually used to do, I’ll wager that today there are some diabetic pigeons waiting to get their revenge on the windscreen of his car.

Best curveball:
In Chris Staples’ excellent evening session preach about making sure our churches are a bride prepared for Jesus, he told the story of his daughter’s wedding day. As her new husband made his speech about her beauty and his love for her, God’s love immediately just filled the whole room. As Chris shared the story, you could almost feel every man’s bottom lip quivering, and every woman beginning to dab her glistening eyes… until he finished it off by recounting his reaction: “Yeah, we’ll see if you feel the same in ten years.” Love that guy.

Only one day left of the conference, but there’s a real feeling that what God is activating in our hearts is going to have a wide-reaching effect in our churches and beyond.