RSA Conference Day 1: 7 Things I Learned

Four12 Global 2015, NEWS ARCHIVE

shaunBy Shaun Brauteseth
Elder at Oxygen Life Church, PE, South Africa


The first day of the Cape Town Four12 conference is done and dusted, and it was a good one!


Here are 7 things I learned today:

  1. Remember the tent with the free pastries from last year? Still there. Still free. But there seemed to be a few more left over than last year by the time the first session started, which is possibly the Banting effect, but also possibly because the PE people hadn’t got to them yet. Sometimes having only one mouth is very limiting.
  2. When you start a conference with worship, and just spend time singing the name of Jesus, it’s going to be a good conference.
  3. Jonathan Stanfield is a champ. Without him, the Isle of Man would just be called the Isle. First preach of the conference, and it was about partnering and how churches need outside apostolic gifts if people are going to come into their destinies. Solid stuff.
  4. If you’re going to let your sneeze out, like your mom always told you to do, don’t do it loudly during a dramatic pause by the person preaching. The sound will be mistaken for a demon manifesting.
  5. Epigenetics is a word. Andrew Selley preached the second morning session, explaining how we can open the door to sin, let it master us and change our DNA, and even affect future generations. It was a classic Andrew preach: Equal parts scary, profound and fascinating, but always pointing to hope in Jesus.
  6. If you’re preaching about trying to overcome sin and giving an example of say, struggling to stop sleeping with your girlfriend, you shouldn’t say, “I was battling to put that thing to bed.” People will laugh.
  7. If you’re the legendary Russell Fraser and you’re preaching about leadership in the evening session, people will respond with quiet admiration to your statement that “the original eldership team that was in Josh Gen 17 years ago is still here.” Then you will say, “with the same wives,” and everyone will applaud. The wives will wonder why that’s so much more impressive, and you will move swiftly on.

So that was the first day, and God is doing much work in hearts already. It’s great for so many of us to be together, and all for the beautiful name of Jesus. Bring on tomorrow morning …