Planters Training Feedback

Four12 Global 2015, NEWS ARCHIVE

Four12 ran a month-long Church Planters training course in April which was led by Andrew Selley and hosted by Joshua Generation Church (JoshGen) in Cape Town. The course was aimed at training and equipping those who feel called to plant a church or are currently leading churches. We had over 40 folk attending from as far afield as Australia and Brazil and it was a resounding success.

The course ran full-time during the month of April and enabled the folk to be trained and taught by experienced and gifted men and women who have planted churches, led churches or have supported new church plants. They also were able to be exposed to, and minister into various congregations around Cape town and into the Western Cape. They worked through topics such as church leadership, homiletics, ecclesiology, the prophetic, evangelism, marriage and much more.

Here is just some of the feedback:

“It has been an incredible privilege to be part of the church planters course. There have been tears, laughter, friendship, training, equipping, heart adjusting, intense concentration, good coffee, and loads of invaluable input- church planters has been amazing!” Alan and Theresa Preller. Port Elizabeth, South Africa

“We never could have expected the amount of work God would do in our hearts concerning His church through this course. It felt at times as if we got saved all over again.” Riaan and Helen Jacobs, Swellendam, South Africa

“We have never experienced church family like this. Church Planters gave us a greater insight into New Testament Church, in particular the importance of apostolic relationships and accountability, and the roles and function of elders and deacons. The life and excitement of family community relationships transformed and encouraged us. For a short time we were privileged to be part of and witnessed a vibrant, living, wonderful church.” Terry and Jackie Harris, Adelaide Australia

“Even though I’m currently leading a congregation, the Church Planters training gave me keys that will definitely help me to lead better and help our congregation move forward. Having been at seminary for four years, I realized that what I needed then is what I was getting from this training. Invaluable!” Johan Musviba, Cape Town, South Africa

“The course impacted me in more ways than I could imagine or anticipate. It helped me break free from my own perceptions about church, and even released me from the effect of some profound past church experiences that I thought I had to live up to. I’m realigned with a vision, passion and purpose. I’m ready!” Isaac Anthony , Cape Town, South Africa

“It was a great opportunity to be part of this and I was very blessed during this time. I have learned a lot of new things as well as some things I have heard before but with a new perspective. Was very good!” Eduardo Fernandes, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“Looking back over the time at church planters, there have been such helpful teachings, Inspirational stories and meaningful friendships. It’s’ been a time of impartation not just information.” Kevin and Lizeldi Samuel, Cape Town, South Africa

“What a month- totally transforming and refreshing. An amazing time of solid food from those who went before us giving us hope and encouragement to dream big dreams for growing His Kingdom” Kim and Lorene Muller, Cape Town, South Africa

“It has been an enriching time and a great experience. A wonderful positive for us has been building relationships and picking up the heart of not only you, Andrew but the whole team who started JoshGen!” Wimpie and Esthia Helmand, Swellendam, South Africa

Perhaps God has called you to lead or plant a church and you have been recognized by your local leaders, then keep your eyes open for the next church planters training sometime into the near future.

Our aim as Four12 movement of partnering churches is to equip and release saints to be able to minister and ultimately reflect the wonder and glory of the Lord Jesus. So we invite you to partner with us and let’s see the nations impacted for Jesus. The future beckons!