News from South Africa: Oxygen Life Church

Life here in Port Elizabeth (PE) has been very wet lately, so far we have experienced the second highest rainfall ever recorded in our city! We are headed for the highest ever ‘they say.’ This has resulted in me (and I’m sure many other home owners with gardens) not having to work on keeping the garden watered at all! A massive contrast to the last 5 or so years where we have experienced drought with stringent water restrictions having been placed on our city for nearly 2 years up until this time last year. What does this have to do with a report back from Oxygen Life Church? Good question…;-)

We are currently experiencing wonderful levels of vigour and zealousness for the Lord with accompanying joy! A surge of leaders who have been there done that and coming back for more when it comes to living out Kingdom Christianity along with all its benefits and sacrifices, and an increase in tithing and giving after a month long series on finances. This has meant that I (and our eldership) have been able to focus our attention onto other things which the Lord has called us to thus releasing a whole lot of new life in the church and in turn into the city of PE.


One of these things is the planting of a new Oxygen Life Church Campus Congregation starting this Sunday on the Nelson Mandela Bay University Campus. There are 30 people who are going to be pioneering this new congregation and we are trusting for the preaching and demonstration of the Kingdom of God to result in many changed lives in the heart of our university. Two weeks ago I started meeting with some guys on a Friday night in one of our townships called Motherwell (30km from city centre), we had 10 people there for our first meeting and 8 for our second and enjoyed worshipping Jesus together and talking around His Word. We are believing God for His Kingdom to be established through us in that community which has a host of challenges which include, poverty, violent crime, alcoholism, rape and murder to name a few! O that God would move powerfully over us as we meet and use us in that region! Just this last week we sent 9 of our potential elders to the training time in Cape Town with Andrew at JOSHGEN as well as 3 elders from the forgotten and outlying frontiers of the Eastern Cape who we have relationship with. I have heard raving reports so far with all the guys saying how amazing it has been to hear the similar heartbeat of JOSHGEN to what Jesus is doing among us! Guys are coming back more equipped and envisioned for the BIG LIFE that God has called us to as His people!


As for some more general news, In May we celebrated 10 years since having planted Oxygen Life Church and had truly memorable time with stories, photo’s, top class DVD production from one of our guys, worship and powerful preaching from Andrew Selley… and some lekker fellowship with some 30 JOSHGENNERS who came down for the weekend. Immediately after that a team of 8 of us went to India for an outreach there where we saw salvations, healings, deliverances and the church strengthened and encouraged. I was back for 4 weeks and headed off for Indonesia to spend some time with some churches there who we as a church have had a budding relationship with for 10years now, and had a truly amazing time with them. Back on home turf things continued to rock with powerful meetings and stories of breakthroughs in the Lord abounding. At one city wide youth I was invited to preach at 3 weeks back there were about 25 responses to the Gospel! Yes Lord!


There are many more stories to tell, but I got to run. Hope that bit of news was informative and upbuilding! Keep charging as He is for us!



Brad Verreynne
Oxygen Life Church