News from Europe

Andrew-Selleyby Andrew Selley

Over 50 salvations in 5 days in Europe!

Around 4 years ago, Living Hope Community Church on the Isle of Man linked itself to us in Four12 and began partnering with us in the gospel. The Church has made massive strides forward into a healthy expression of New Testament Church. Prior to joining us they saw very few salvations and were almost cessationalist in their expression of Christ. Today they are transformed and are filled with the Spirit’s life and power.

For the last season they have seen salvations weekly and are breaking through massively in multiple areas. They recently held five days of outreach meetings to preach Christ to their communities and saw over 50 people make first time commitments to believe and follow Christ! This is in Europe – which is very hard ground for the gospel! This could almost be called revival, and reveals the powerful working of God in an area where most churches are dying!

God is on the move and doing awesome things with us!