Life is Busy, Time is Short

by Tania Botha



After Andrew Selley’s teaching on partnering at the October 2015 Four12 conference in South Africa, I immediately asked my husband if I could go on an outreach, which happened to be an outreach to Four12 partners in Benoni- Covenant Life Church. I can’t say that God told me to go, but I was definitely stirred to go after that teaching. I think it was even more special because I love Patti and Roland Barnard, who led Covenant Life Church previously and are now based with us in Joshua Generation Church (JoshGen) that meets in Durbanville. I really felt like I was going to meet “the in-laws”.

As a mom there are obviously a lot more responsibilities to consider when “going” (if you aren’t able to GO as a family). I love my boy so much and of course I considered what I would be missing out on if I went without him, but then I thought of what he would be missing out on if I didn’t go. Growing up my own dad always put God and His Church first, his passion for God (even though it wasn’t always easy to understand when I was younger), was one of the things that helped me prioritise the kingdom when I recommitted my life to Christ as an adult.

“After my battle with cancer last year, I realized how short and fragile life really is…”

After my battle with cancer last year, I realized how short and fragile life really is, we don’t know when we will be called home. For months I sat up in the church gallery, weak and unable to express myself in worship. Unable to raise my hands, jump or dance in his presence. That season of illness gave me such an appreciation for being able to get up and serve Jesus every day.  My capacity is a lot less physically, than it used to be, and this was something that I had to take into consideration when planning to serve as a part of the outreach team.

However, of course God took care of all the details. I was hosted by the wonderful Alida and her daughter Courtney, which was a real joy. As much as I missed my incredible husband and son for the weekend it also meant that I had more availability to jump in ‘boots and all’ from the get go. I made sure I got adequate rest in between meetings, but also didn’t miss out on anything God did over the weekend. I was able to serve in Benoni while my husband served back in Cape Town by caring for our son, and giving me an opportunity to step out for the weekend on my own. We were able to team up in a great way, a different kind of partnering.

“We were able to team up in a great way, a different kind of partnering.”

As a team from Josh Gen, we were so overwhelmed and humbled by the hospitality and generosity of Covenant Life Church. It was so encouraging to watch as they grabbed hold of what God was doing and to see how every member of our team made an impact and was impacted by what God did. Everyone always says it and I will say it again, we came back blessed.

I always thought I was too busy to stop and do a lot of things I really wanted to, until I got sick. I watched my family, my business, friends and church all carry on without me and realised how true it is: life will always be busy, but our time is short and no tomorrow is guaranteed. So don’t waste your one precious life. Use it. Go!

Photo: Tania with her husband Jacques and their son Caleb.

Tania Botha was born in Johannesburg and then was raised in Cape Town, matriculating from Edgemead High School in 1995. After 7 years studying and working in the beauty industry, Tania got saved. She then opened her own business, met and married her husband, Jacques and in 2012 they were blessed with the birth of their boy Caleb. When Caleb was 19 months old, Tania was diagnosed with cancer and by God’s grace was able to overcome the illness, a survivor.


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