Let’s Go!

by Bret & Abby Bevan
Eldership Couple, Joshua Generation Church



We’re called to go and welcome into our homes those that go. We’re called to sow, first in Jerusalem, then Samaria, and to the uttermost regions of the world (Acts 1:8). But too often Jerusalem, the equivalent to home, is as far as we get.

By the world’s economy we only ever have enough for ourselves. We NEED (not just want) and we rationalise a whole lot to keep ourselves even stable. The budget can only stretch so far and we feel really proud of ourselves when we pay all our bills, prioritise time with the family and tithe 10%.

These things are good! But God wants more. He wants sold out, fired up, head over heels in love with Jesus, followers. Heaven’s economy says, “But God”.

For instance, we may have a great thing going with our worship team. But what if God is asking us to plant our gifted worship leader into a partnering church, a church that needs that worship leader more than we do? The budget may be tight. But what if God is asking us to to fly to another province, to encourage another church as they receive their gift from God, and us?

In these instances, we’re not only sacrificing the sweet comfort zone we may have found in worship as a congregation, by giving up a key team player. But we’re also flying out to be part of a celebration as this worship leader and his wife is welcomed into their new church family. We’re sacrificing, with a smile on our faces and a excitement in our hearts, for what God is going to break open in this context.


Abby Bevan & Sam Barnard (elder’s wives from JoshGen & CLC, Benoni) sharing a moment

This was our testimony when in September we were privileged enough to fly up to Benoni in Gauteng, South Africa and to support Lindsay and Rae Jaftha as they were released from our JoshGen congregation and officially welcomed into the body of Covenant Life Church, as deacons.

God challenges us to to trust Him for increased capacity to love. To love strangers as if they were blood family. To love the Church deeply, not only our local congregation, but churches around the world. By our love for one another, the Bible says, the world will know who we are, Christ followers, and will want to experience the Love that we have (John 13:35). JoshGen is my family. But somehow Covenant Life Church in Benoni, is my family too. This isn’t just a mental decision, it’s a knitting of hearts. It is what God does best.

The seed that we’ve been given is for sowing. It is truly more blessed to give than receive (Acts 20:35). We can’t afford to keep the resources we’ve been given, tucked away like precious heirloom seeds, just for “in case”. When the Master returns, we can’t expect His blessing if we hand that same packet of seeds we’ve been given back to Him. We’re called to go, to give, to die – so we can truly live.

Courage! Let’s go!