India Ministry Trip, Aug 2014

by Tennielle Jacobs and Catherine Lochhead

A team of six from Oxygen Life (PE, RSA) and one from JoshGen (Cape Town, RSA) visited the bustling city of Mumbai in India at the end of August to preach, teach, encourage and love on our fellow believers.

We were met with a warm handshake and, “Praise the Lord” at every meeting and household we went into. In a God-starved nation the locals are spiritually hungry; this stirs their faith and ours all the more. The spiritual realm is almost tangible as you ask the Lord to touch lives and then see that very thing happening before your eyes.

The Hindus serve many gods and deities, so believing in a god is not necessarily difficult. What is significant is the choice to believe in Jesus Christ as their ONLY Lord and Saviour. You can imagine that the Scripture John 14:6, came in handy!

We saw about 10 salvations throughout the 6 days we were there and a few recommitments. These took various forms – some as a response to sharing the gospel in a home, and others during organised church services. The one night in particular we were doing house visits and were absolutely exhausted. It had already been a full day of ministering to believers in their homes and after giving so much spiritually you feel like you are nearing the bottom of the jar. But in our weakness Jesus’ power was made perfect that night; in the very last home we visited an entire family and lady all come to salvation! Needless to say we were physically exhausted, but on a spiritual high after that.

William Marais gave us this wise advice in India, “Tell your own stories.” I want to say to you – don’t disqualify yourself, Jesus chooses you and actually commands us to go out to the nations in Matt 28: 19-20, and John 15: 16-17, “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit-fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. This is my command: Love each other.”

Friends the harvest is much, get out there and partner with the Lord, go and create your own stories. You’ll definitely come back having grown in understanding of how big our God is and how far His love reaches.


Picture: India Team Front Row (from left): Lodie Waller, Will Marais, Brad Verreynne, Mornay Sutherland, Pastor Sam Peters. Back Row: Ally Kellett, Tennielle Jacobs, Catherine Lochhead