Hyper Grace – Book Review by Mike Davies

hypergraceBook Title: Hyper-Grace: Exposing the dangers of the modern grace message – eBook
Author: Michael Brown
Published: January 7th 2014 by Charisma House
ISBN: 1621365891 (ISBN13: 9781621365891)

Review: For some time now people have been asking me if I would write something about the so-called ‘hyper grace’ teaching that is sweeping the world. I fully intended to do so, as I believe that whilst much that is said by preachers within that camp is wonderful, their message also contains error, distortions and omissions that are causing much damage to the Body of Christ.

It was with great joy then that I discovered, on the recommendation of a good friend, this book by Dr Michael Brown. It contains much of what I would have written, except Dr Brown does it way better than I ever could.

This book is written in a very gracious manner (even too gracious at times perhaps) whilst never compromising on truth. It presents a very fair and balanced critique of a number of the main points that the ‘hyper grace’ teachers have in common. Yes, he does name, names – names such as Joseph Prince and Rob Rufus for instance, but he does so in a manner that addresses the teaching whilst endeavouring to honour the man.

He shows very clearly, yet in a manner that is easy to read and digest, the errors of logic, theology, translation, and so forth, that these teachers have made in arriving at their understanding of issues such as grace, repentance, works, righteousness, forgiveness, etc.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough for those who have been exposed to such teachings and have either failed either to see anything wrong with it or who have struggled to know how to counter it.

by Mike Davies, Joshua Generation Church


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