Homeward Bound

by William Marais

Praise God! – Following a great Four12 ‘partner time’ hosted by Jonathan and an incredible Living Hope team on the Isle of Man together with churches from around the world, as well as getting top drawer teaching from various guys and girls, Pam and I then had a super time with pastors in England who will be joining us at the Four12 conference early October in South Africa.

Then beyond expectation, following England we went to Russia together with a team from South Africa, where we saw salvations, fresh prophetic words and after I shared our New Testament ‘DNA’ and values for the church with their leaders, we experienced the joining of the hearts of two lead couples in Obninsk and St. Petersburg with ours – what great churches for Four12 to be a blessing to into the future!

We start our flights home tonight and I so looking forward to sharing at our JoshGen men’s breakfast hosted by Daddy Davies on Saturday 22 July 2015 in Cape Town.