Here I Am, Send Me

by Rebecca Hughes


HereIAm_SendMeIt was when I was attending the Four12 Conference this year with my Mum, Helen Champion that I heard of the mission trip to Brazil. My mum went last year, loved it and since then she has completely grown in her faith. When I heard about a team going again this year I felt genuinely excited for those who were going.

As I was not part of the Living Hope Church family then, I never thought it would be possible for me to go myself. However that day I said to the Lord; “I would love to go, if it’s your will for me to go then here I am send me.”

A couple of months later I was at church with my mum and Rousseau (who is leading the team from the Isle of Man) was attending the church service, he and my mum were talking about Brazil and he asked if I would be interested in going, and before I knew it a “yes” came straight out of my mouth.

I of course assumed Rousseau was talking about me joining the team for next year, so when he said he was asking about this year I was blown away. He then asked if I had holidays to spare, which again was answered with a yes (earlier this year I tore my Achilles so had to take a couple months out leaving me to try and get all my holidays in before Christmas … I love how God always uses a bad situation for His good.)

In all honesty, I don’t have a clue as to what to expect on this journey all I know is that I have said to God, “Here I am, send me”. In faith I am trusting He will be my guide and I will be His vessel.

I am praying that my faith will rise to a new level and that I will see his will being done on earth as it is in Heaven. When we return I’m hoping we will have testimonies that impact, stir up and transform many others.


Photo: © Rebecca Hughes

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