From the Isle of Man to San Clemente, USA

Euan MacRae and elder of Living Hope Community Church on the Isle of Man, had this to say about their time with the church and leaders of Four12 Partners, Heritage Christian Fellowship in San Clemente, California, USA:

“Well, we are approaching the end of an absolutely wonderful trip to Heritage church in San Clemente California.
 It has been such a huge blessing on many levels and has only furthered my belief that the Four12 partnership is exactly where God desires us to be.

I always find Four12 trips a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, leaving my beautiful family, leaving a church family that I love and travelling to a new place where I know only a handful of people, ministering amongst people that don’t know me, it’s all pretty unnerving! But the same thing happens every time, the Holy Spirit begins to knit hearts together, strangers become not just friends but part of my spiritual family, my brothers and sisters.

This week has been no exception, we have been hosted beautifully, Lon and Ann Margaret, I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so welcome in your family, thank you!
 There have been so many highlights! I came with a few prophetic words in my back pocket about a gent called Gary Rea, I seem to have heard this repeating word about connecting with him. All I can say is what a serious privilege to have had the opportunity to do so. Isle of Man, I can not wait to introduce you to this guy, wow!

Then there’s the band, and what a band! Ouch, these American dudes can play, but what was even better than the playing was the immediate open armed welcome from each of them, I really appreciated that.
Worship has been intimate, powerful, moving, I have so enjoyed leading out here, Jesus has repeatedly blessed us in His sweet presence. 
There has been the challenge of the throat yet again, but, God is greater.

Then there has been the teaching. I have appreciated Jonathan this week. It is easy to forget how gifted he is when you spend so much time with him, a prophet in his own town and all that stuff, but I really feel there has been a powerful impartation of some key spiritual principles that will be a great blessing in the life of Heritage. Aside from a multitude of highlights, for me, salvation is the prize! Today at each of our services we have seen people choose to follow Jesus for the first time, this makes every mile travelled, every plane journey, every airport more than worth it! California has been a very, very special trip. So many new friendships, so many lasting memories to take home, but above all, a few new names in the Lamb’s book of life.

A huge thank you to Roger and his team of elders and leaders who have hosted us with such grace and kindness. 
I can’t wait to introduce my new family members to my existing ones on the Island.
 This has been a superb first trip to Heritage, now let’s get the next date in the diary!”