Conference in Cape Town October 2014: Day 4 BEST OF THE BEST

Catchphrase of the conference:

Hopa! Brad’s spontaneous description of God’s excited shout over our lives became the word that defined the week. Brad’s very own talk show is reportedly in the works, named ‘The Hopa Winfrey Show’.

Best quote:
In a week full of memorable one-liners, this one from Mike Davies probably got the loudest response, both in the venue and in the heavenly realms: “This isn’t a conference, it’s an encounter with Jesus.”

Best Freudian slip:
In yesterday’s preach about identity, and significance, Ange Verreynne shared how un-athletic she was in school, but that she and her son came in the top three at his recent mother-son athletics day. “I came third,” she said. “I mean, we! We came third!” Too late, Ange!

Best spiritual stick of dynamite:
That would be Peter Chanda from Livingstone in Zambia – sixty years of age and packing the jolt of a large cattle prod. He preached the first morning session today, on living a life of faith, and pointed to Abraham as a pattern of someone whose faith pleased God. Peter could start a party in a graveyard, and he spoke the truth powerfully and with faith.

Best pastries:
The hospitality tent was a hit, mainly because its food had the two main requirements we all look for:
1. It was edible.
2. It was free.
However, some delicacies stood out above others: Those would be the custard pies. They were always carefully hidden under everything else, but the Port Elizabethans shamelessly searched and found them. Every time.

Best moment:
Everyone will have their own best moment of the week, but there was one in particular for me. It was during yesterday’s worship, where we were all just singing our own songs, and then it got quiet. It then felt like Jesus walked into the room – that’s how tangible His presence felt. I know that He’s with us as we worship Him, but sometimes it feels like there’s a moment when the King walks into the room. And that’s what we always want – to be in the presence of Jesus.

And the best part of all:
The Four12 conference, which took place from the 6th to the 9th of October is finished. But our lives that we live for Jesus carry on.

by Shaun Brauteseth via Oxygen Life Church