Conference in Cape Town October 2014: Day 3 THE NUMBERS

22 500: The approximate number of hairs that make up Chad Lahana’s beard. On a day when our awesome ladies had a chance to minister from up front, it was appropriate that the man who led worship had enough testosterone to counter-balance all of them. The guy is an absolute legend, and his beard deserves its own ID number.

72: That’s the number of cords, each made up of 24 strands, that made up the curtain, or veil, in the temple. It was as thick as a man’s hand, and it was torn from top to bottom as Jesus died, removing the barrier that separated us from God. Ange Verreynne shared in the first session about how we need to remove the veils in our lives that obstruct us from God, and that our security and significance have to be found in Him. Excellent word. Had the effect of a large meat tenderizing hammer.

9 and 10: The ninth and tenth verses of Galatians 6 summed up Melanie du Toit’s preach from the second session: “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Melanie shared on loving people into a family, describing her own life and the impact God has made on the neighbours in her complex. “He doesn’t save souls only to leave them like babies in a gutter,” she said at one point. But more than anything she said, it was her heart for people that came across.

5: The number of seats Cliff Hiscock reserved using a single blue jacket before the second session. Legit.

1: That’s the number of days that David said he’d sooner be in the presence of God, rather than 1000 days anywhere else. And when you have a time of worship like we had at the 4pm session, you can only agree with him.

41: That’s how old Euan MacRae is today. He’s a pastor and worship leader from the Isle of Man, and he preached in the afternoon session on purity, and the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit. “Jesus longs to embrace His Bride, but she must be spotless and blemish-free,” he said. “If we refuse to submit the desires of our flesh to Jesus, Jesus refuses to submit the benefits of His presence to us.” The guy totally radiates the approachability of Jesus, and God’s heart for purity came through him beautifully.

And that’s it! Just one more day to go…

by Shaun Brauteseth via Oxygen Life Church