Conference in Cape Town October 2014: Day 2 IN LIMERICK FORM

In honour of our friends from the Isle of Man, this post is written in limerick form. I probably haven’t focused so hard on a single task since high school, and I’ve basically used every rhyme possible in the English language. So without further delay, here’s the summary of day 2…

We arrived and immediately went
To find snacks and croissants in a tent
Everything was for free
And all those from PE
Found it all just a little in-tents

Andrew Selley took on the first slot
And shared on the favour of God
His grace is unearned
But today we all learned
We can grow in the favour He’s got

When his time was up everyone knew
He should take on the next session too
So he just kept on preaching
And God just kept on speaking
And that’s why we do what we do

We met later on in the day
With a man with a head full of grey
At our session at 4
Will Marais had the floor
And where there’s a Will there’s a way

He spoke about raising up sons
And he can, because he’s been one
The guy leads by example
He’s humble and faithful
And much of his race left to run

There’s one person I’d like to still mention
In the front at both this morning’s sessions
Peggy’s ninety and counting
But her faith is still mounting
Age is nothing – what matters is passion

So day number 2 came and went
It was a day that was well spent
Our God rules and He reigns
But the question remains:
Will there be more croissants in that tent?

by Shaun Brauteseth via Oxygen Life Church