Catch Up with Julie – Brazil Outreach

image-2imageAfter 20 odd hours in transit from South Africa, the team finally made it to Belo Horizonte. I am staying with a mom Sandra and her daughter, Tatchiani. Hospitality overflows here and I got to sleep after having a “little snack” by about 11:30 Brazil time (03:30 SA time). At 05:30 my body clock woke me… but I forced myself back to sleep for another 2 hours. Upon waking the second time, I enjoyed some breakfast with my host and made use of my poor Portuguese and sign language! The rest of my first day in Brazil was spent chatting, eating and relaxing with both new and old friends.

From there our weekend got busy with activities with 180 degree church, led by William Leite. These activities ranged from much socializing, some tourist outings and meetings with the church, on both Friday and Saturday night and Sunday morning. Mike Davies has preached some good words, and Greg had opportunity to share his testimony with some athletes at a Men’s Breakfast at a soccer morning, whilst I shared at a new home group last night.  It was a hot evening and we met on a rooftop veranda area overlooking part of the suburb. One of the main teams, Crezero were playing a championship game in the stadium here and there was much celebration as they won. People rushed into the streets, set off hundreds of firecrackers and played loud fan songs and blew their horns, it was crazy! Once the noise had died down at around 07:30 I was able to share what God had laid on my heart for them. Thereafter Isabel, Greg and I had opportunity to pray and prophecy over them. It was a priceless and special time we will not forget.

Tonight Mike will meet with the men leaders and tomorrow midday we head for São Paulo.

Once again I am humbled and awed at God that He would take ordinary saints like us and give us extraordinary lives.

Love God. Love people,
Julie de Lisle