Brazil – Us, Lord?

by Leah Sherwood
Living Hope Community Church


When Rousseau, one of our elders, first approached us about going to Brazil, I was surprised. Us – Brazil? Did I hear him right? But it became clear that he had meant to ask us, and so we started to think seriously about going. We had to consider where we were going to get the finances from and how this would work with our employers. My husband and I both have busy and demanding jobs and time away from the office isn’t always granted.

We prayed and asked God to make it clear about His intention for us, and Brazil. We said that if both of our managers said yes to the time off work then we would just find a way to finance the trip because it would be our sign that God was in it. And guess what? They said yes! Funnily enough, we were also gifted finances by people who wanted to make it a priority for us to be able to partner with our Four12 family in the nations. God is so good!

For me, I feel like going to the nations, partnering with our Four12 family in Brazil, ministering in another country and culture, is just the same as ministering at home! I love the expression of unity that is uniquely achieved when as a body of Christ we worship, pray, and minister together from many different nations. What a picture of heaven! The Bible is clear that across the earth those that believe in Christ are one church, one body, sharing in one Spirit, one salvation and one baptism. I am always so encouraged when people from other nations come to my hometown to minister. It reminds me of the vast family that I am a part of and gives me hope that salvation can come to my front door.

This will be my first opportunity to go to the nations for any kind of ministry. I am beyond excited as I read the history of God’s miracle working power and faithfulness in Acts; of what happens when we share the gospel across the world and join with our brothers and sisters in Christ from other cultures. If I truly believe in the truth of the Word of God, then I am to expect God to do the same when I get to minister across the earth! How fun!

So what am I trusting God for? Miracles! The miracle of salvation, of sinners finding hope and forgiveness in the cross of Christ, healings, deliverance, restoration … all of it! I’m ready to leap out of my comfort zone and launch head first into trusting the power of the Holy Spirit on a whole new level. The thing is, it isn’t about me. It isn’t going to be me that will make it happen, it’s all down to Jesus. He’s the Miracle Maker and I’m just the broken jar of clay He is pleased to use. So join me in praying for a release of the power of the Miracle Maker! Let Jesus receive all the glory He is due for His marvellous works.


DaveAndLeahSherwoodLeah has been married to Dave since 2013, in 2014 they made the jump from living in England to joining Leah’s family on the Isle of Man. They are a part of Living Hope Community Church Douglas, where they lead a home group and enjoy being a part of their local church life.