Malawi Is Being Transformed

Our teenage son, who had run away from home for three months, returned while the outreach team was with us, and our 16-year-old daughter committed her life to Jesus.

Update from Malawi- June 2019

After moving to Malawi in February 2019, we settled into the capital city, Lilongwe and faced the many joys and challenges of moving to a new place, with a new culture.

Loving the Bride in Africa

The world stares in unbelief at the irony of a drought-stricken nation now flooded after the heavy rains that developed into a cyclone striking Mozambique, Zimbabwe and affecting Malawi severely.

Our Call to the Nations

When you have made a decision to die to yourself, living for Christ is the most amazing adventure.

Obedient, Even Unto Discomfort

I have suddenly been presented with something that feels kind of terrifying. Stepping through the unknown takes courage and courage isn’t always readily available.

An Unforgettable Outreach

One lady who had cervical cancer went to the hospital after being prayed for and the doctors were astounded that the cancer had disappeared.

Many Miracles

Going on outreaches means being R.F.A. (Ready For Anything) and full of faith for God to perform many signs and wonders.

Moms, It’s Not That Obvious

Both Jo and I both have large families (we each have four kiddies) and so it has always seemed obvious that it’s just not the ‘season’ in which we could do this.

Jesus Loves the Little Children

During our time with this church I had a turn to share the gospel. I felt the intense weight of the reality that this could possibly be the only time they hear the word of God.

Adventures for Right Now

On the last day in the village we had baptisms in a nearby quarry, sixteen people were baptized, one after the other. It was incredible to be able to witness!

Excitement in Africa

When we go into the nations and build up His body it as if we get an injection of God’s jealousy for His church, as spoken through Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:2 “I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy”

Seeking Stillness in Africa

Although it seems such a simple concept, we can often get so caught up in meetings and church culture, that we don’t take the time to sit quietly at Jesus’s feet.

Malawi Outreach: November 2015

It’s time for the second Malawi trip this year, to be based at Alpha Omega Pentecostal Church in Llongwe which is led by Harvey Chabinga.

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