Four12 is a dynamic partnership of churches across the globe working together to Equip, Restore, and Advance the church that Jesus Himself is building. We aim to assist the local pastors and churches in functioning as New Testament churches with New Testament values and DNA around the world and now also in Malawi.

Four12 in Malawi focuses on strengthening many churches which partner with Four12. We are working primarily with the pastors and leaders, equipping them to build churches according to the biblical blueprint set out in scripture. Facilitating relationships among the Four12 partnering churches, raising leaders, building healthy marriages and seeing Kingdom culture override traditions.

As Four12 in Malawi our focus is on the following:

● Providing pastoral and leadership training both in urban and rural areas
● Training worship leaders and creating an opportunity for skills development for local songwriters
● Teaching English to local leaders
● Initiating a women’s prison ministry
● Overseeing teams from Four12 partnering churches around the world who come to minister to and serve the local church.
● Host a yearly Four12 Regional Equip for all Four12 partnering churches in Malawi to train up leaders and saint in the word of God and practical theology.
● Providing short term relief for partnering churches directly affected by flooding and natural disasters in the form of food and seed supply.

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