January, 2019

19JANallday06DECallday2019 Timothy Ministry Training (TMT)Wellington, Western Cape, RSAJoshua Generation Church - WellingtonEVENT TYPE:TRAINING PROGRAMMEREGION:RSA - WESTERN CAPE


January 19 (Saturday) - December 6 (Friday)


Joshua Generation Church - Wellington

Provence, Milner Road, Wellington


Event Description

TMT is a one-year intensive discipleship training program focused on training men and women for life and ministry. As a ministry of Joshua Generation Church (JoshGen), we firmly believe in the role of the local church and the value of being part of a church family. Because of this our training takes place within the context of the local church, with a focus placed on both theoretical learning and practical application through direct experience.

More than just conveying information, our passion is to facilitate the growth of a student, equipping them to effectively fulfill their destiny, by supplying the necessary competencies and experience to succeed.

We aim to develop a person to walk as someone of character, with a dynamic relationship with God, one who will be effective in whatever they set out to do. Resulting in an individual, encountered by a living God, changed and ready to bring change! Jesus is our model in all things and it is our goal to model the way we train our students, on the way He walked with His disciples on a day-to-day basis.

We are based in the beautiful town of Wellington, in the Western Cape at JoshGen’s picturesque ‘Provence’ facility. Whilst studying at TMT, you will receive the opportunity to be equipped by gifted teachers and leaders; be involved to daily church life; and to serve and visit congregations all over the Western Cape, whilst having some fun doing it. We are able to expose you to a number of ministries and ministry gifts, allowing you to see first-hand how these ministries and gifts practically function within the Church.

We also offer an optional internship program (2nd and 3rd year). The students that are accepted into this program are based in local JoshGen and Four12 Partnering congregations where they are able to serve and learn more about life, service and ministry in a safe and healthy environment.

Check out our website http://timothytraining.co.za where you can find out more about us and how to apply.

Please note that Applications for 2019 close on 1 December 2018.


Option 1: Studies without Accommodation

R3 450 per month x 12 months / R41 400 per year

Option 2: Studies with Accommodation

R5 550 per month x 12 months / R66 600 per year




General Enquiries

Anelda Rennison+27 (21) 873 6542 Anelda.rennison@timothytraining.co.za / info@timothytraining.co.za

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