Flying Solo

When I first decided to go to Brazil, I didn’t dwell too long on the fact that I’d be going alone. I had travelled solo farther and for longer, after all…


Into The Wild

During my university years I dreamt of doing something crazy – maybe landing a role in a remake of the film, “Into the Wild” …


Here I Am, Send Me

It was when I was attending the Four12 Conference this year with my Mum, Helen Champion that I heard of the mission trip to Brazil.


Out of the Shadows

I am so excited to be going to Brazil, it will be a real challenge, but I can’t wait. I was reminded that Jesus works through us and that we are the hands and feet of Jesus.


Let’s Go!

We’re called to go and welcome into our homes those that go. We’re called to sow, first in Jerusalem, then Samaria, and to the uttermost regions of the world (Acts 1:8). But too often Jerusalem, the equivalent to home, is as far as we get.


6500km in Africa

In June/July of 2015, a group of 15 men from across the JoshGen went on a 17 day adventure and outreach through South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia.


Brazil – Us, Lord?

When Rousseau, one of our elders, first approached us about going to Brazil, I was surprised. Us – Brazil? Did I hear him right?


New Life Church

Incredible news from Ministries Alive… now New Life Church.


Hello from Hoedspruit

The book of Acts describes the planting of new churches as the most effective means to disciple people and demonstrate authentic christianity into local communities. In the last year we have been privileged to see two congregations planted into Harare, Zimbabwe and another one in Pretoria (Church Zao).


RSA Conference Hosting Notice

Please take note that there is NO more hosting available for the 2015 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Hosting is limited and was assigned on a “first come, first served basis”.


Delving Deeper into Russia

Reaching out in the nations, it is clear that there is a lot of information about how the church should look, but not many examples of how the church should look like. Russia is by no means an exception. During the last five years Timothy Ministry Team (TMT), the bible school of JoshGen, sent a team to Russia annually.


Homeward Bound

Praise God! – Following a great Four12 ‘partner time’ hosted by Jonathan and an incredible Living Hope team on the Isle of Man together with churches from around the world, as well as getting top drawer teaching from various guys and girls, Pam and I then had a super time with pastors in England…


News from Europe

Over 50 salvations in 5 days in Europe! Around 4 years ago, Living Hope Community Church on the Isle of Man linked itself to us in Four12 and began partnering with us in the gospel. The Church has made massive strides forward…


Surf Missioning for Jesus

Most of the time, going on a mission for Jesus is associated with some measure of suffering and sacrifice. I have been on many of those types of missions; on two of them, we needed to make sure we had said our goodbyes to our families properly, as the places we were going were considered dangerous, and our safety could not be guaranteed.


The Building Takes Shape!

Down in Port Elizabeth, our brand new building is taking shape! After 12 years of meeting in hired venues, we bought a building last year, and continue to meet in a school hall until it’s ready for us to move into in a few months.


What Can Be Expected in 2015?

Juliet Marais, our International Administrator, shares with us all the exciting current news around Four12 and what can be expected in 2015.


Worship Project

At the most recent Four12 SA Conference Andrew Selley announced the upcoming Four12 Album project. Part of changing the way the world does church is changing the way the world does worship.