Conference in Cape Town October 2014: Day 3 THE NUMBERS

22 500: The approximate number of hairs that make up Chad Lahana’s beard. On a day when our awesome ladies had a chance to minister from up front, it was appropriate that the man who led worship had enough testosterone to counter-balance all of them. The guy is an absolute legend, and his beard deserves its own ID number…


Conference in Cape Town October 2014: Day 2 IN LIMERICK FORM

In honour of our friends from the Isle of Man, this post is written in limerick form. I probably haven’t focused so hard on a single task since high school, and I’ve basically used every rhyme possible in the English language. So without further delay, here’s the summary of day 2…


India Ministry Trip, Aug 2014

by Tennielle Jacobs and Catherine Lochhead

A team of six from Oxygen Life (PE, RSA) and one from JoshGen (Cape Town, RSA) visited the bustling city of Mumbai in India at the end of August to preach, teach, encourage and love on our fellow believers.

We were met with a warm handshake…


From the Isle of Man to San Clemente, USA

Euan MacRae and elder of Living Hope Community Church on the Isle of Man, had this to say about their time with the church and leaders of Four12 Partners, Heritage Christian Fellowship in San Clemente, California, USA…


Hyper Grace – Book Review by Mike Davies

Review: For some time now people have been asking me if I would write something about the so-called ‘hyper grace’ teaching that is sweeping the world. I fully intended to do so, as I believe that whilst much that is said by preachers within that camp is wonderful, their message also contains error, distortions and omissions that are causing much damage to the Body of Christ.


Catch Up – April 2014

A brief look into two outreaches in the first half of 2014. A team from Joshua Generation Church headed up to Four12 partners, Oxygen Life Church in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. In the same month a team made up of saints and leaders from CLC in Benoni, Joshua Generation Church in Cape Town and Heritage Christian Fellowship in San Clemente headed to Lusaka and Livingstone, Zambia to meet with Four12 partnering churches and leaders.

Watch the video after the jump.


Salvations & Breakthrough

Amazing news! Over the past months God has been talking to us about the importance of evangelism. The church had struggled to see people responding to the gospel and getting saved for some time. Though very hungry to see the lost coming to Jesus, we realised that we hadn’t see even one person saved in the entire year. That was a shocking reality for us. This year however has been very different. The exciting news is that God has given us a wonderful breakthrough – in the last three months. We have seen 8 people so far respond to follow Jesus for the first time! How awesome is that!


Building in Benoni

A small team from Joshua Generation Church, Edgemead Congregation visited Covenant Life Church in Benoni this past weekend, and were able to mutually build up the Body of Christ and encourage one another. You can read more about the time here.


Ministry & Family on the Isle of Man

Michelle Battaglia, a Deacon and the Worship Overseer from Joshua Generation Church South Africa, recently went across to Living Hope Community Church on the Isle of Man, to minster in the church and at a worship conference they held there in March. It was a great time of equipping and ministry. You can read more of what happening during this …


Outreach to Oxygen Life in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

As I am writing this we are on our way back to Cape Town after an incredible weekend with our beloved family at Oxygen Life. Some 40 of us made the trek to Port Elizabeth for a jam-packed weekend of fellowship, great food and times of equipping for the leaders and saints respectively.


Road Trip

So much has happened in the last 40hrs since leaving Port Elizabeth at 6am yesterday. Al Prellar (friend and fellow elder to Oxygen Life Church) and I have driven over 600km across our beautiful Eastern Cape country side to visit pastors who lead churches which are either in partnership with us (and Four12 churches), or are in a process of becoming partners with us as we join hearts, minds and destinies in plundering hell and populating heaven in this region.


Feedback from Keetmanshoop, Namibia

As a church, we ended a monthly fast with a visit from a team of saints from JoshGen. Worship was led by a team from JoshGen meeting in Wellington…


Feedback from Namibia

We had an amazing time in Namibia, Keetmanshoop with the Botes’ and the church there, along with the team from Joshua Generation Church, and visiting our Four12 partners.


Outreach to Zambia

On the 17th March 2014 until the 26th March 2014 a team of guys and ladies from three Four12 partnering churches…