What Ravi Taught Us | #BeEquipped

Four12 Global Andrew Selley, ARTICLES, Luke Hulley


Questions have arisen in the church worldwide as it has been revealed that yet another prominent evangelical leader and Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias, was leading something of a double life with unconfessed sexual sin.

In this video, Andrew Selley and Luke Hulley discuss the impact this has had on the church, why this is the case and what we can learn from Ravi’s fall. They address questions, such as, “How can such a leader fall in sin while being used so powerfully by God?”, “What about the things Ravi said and taught, are they still true?”, “Would Ravi have made it to Heaven?”, “Is there a problem in the Evangelical church today with so many leaders falling in sin?”, and “What does Four12, and Andrew, practically do to try and prevent the same occurring within their leadership?”. They also touch on accountability and openness, the irrevocable call of God, realistic expectations on leaders, imitating and following leaders, the biblical church’s role as a place of safety, and the fear of God.


Luke is a follower of Christ, a leader in Joshua Generation Church, married to the beautiful Zandile and a writer when he gets the time. He was a passionate school teacher for 6 years, but now takes care of God’s kids full time.

Andrew is the apostolic leader of Four12. He also leads Joshua Generation Church (JoshGen) and is the founder and director of FOR SA (Freedom of Religion South Africa). He is based in Cape Town along with his amazing wife Emma and his daughter Enya. You can follow him on Facebook.



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