False Prophecies & Trump, What Now?

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False prophecy brings damage, loss of faith in God and the rejection of the prophetic. And recently, there have been many getting it wrong. How is the church supposed to respond, and why has God allowed it?

In the USA, President Trump was ousted by Joe Biden. Yet, a number of prophets across the world had prophesied a different outcome, even calling the church to have faith and believe for a miracle despite evidence to the contrary. And as far as we are aware, no prophets prophesied COVID-19, yet it arrived and has caused havoc in the world.

In these instances, what has resulted is wary and resistant hearts and a lot of questions from believers surrounding the prophetic; questions such as – can we still trust the prophetic? Is God trying to tell us something? Is there a problem with the prophetic? Where do we go from here?

In this clip, Andrew Selley shares how we can navigate these times and process our hearts, cautioning us not to put out the Spirit’s fire. In addition, he looks at the lessons we can learn from so many getting it wrong, why this has happened, and what God is doing as He shakes the church. He appeals to us to stop loving the world and come out from her and be separate, encouraging us, instead, to seek first the Kingdom of God, to preach the Good News to all, to obey the call of Jesus and love Him with everything inside.


Andrew is the apostolic leader of Four12. He also leads Joshua Generation Church (JoshGen) and is the founder and director of FOR SA (Freedom of Religion South Africa). He is based in Cape Town along with his amazing wife Emma and his daughter Enya. You can follow him on Facebook.



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