Cancel Culture

Four12 Global Andrew Selley, ARTICLES, CULTURE


In this video, Andrew Selley, apostolic leader of Four12, unpacks ‘cancel culture’ and how it is having an impact on the church across the world. He expounds on how cancel culture is being used as a weapon of the social justice movement, subtly masquerading as righteousness. Andrew warns us, as the church, not to respond as the world does – causing division, bringing condemnation, judgement and issuing punishment. Instead, he encourages us to preach the gospel and to preach Christ; bringing a message of reconciliation and salvation, and always working through issues biblically, with love as the banner over us.


Andrew is the apostolic leader of Four12. He also leads Joshua Generation Church (JoshGen) and is the founder and director of FOR SA (Freedom of Religion South Africa). He is based in Cape Town along with his amazing wife Emma and his daughter Enya. You can follow him on Facebook.


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