Thank God for Expiry Dates


God has a unique story and plan for your life, BUT the devil wants to block it at all costs. Romans 15:18 says, ” I will not venture to speak of anything what God our Father has done through another – except what Christ has accomplished through me.”

The fact is that God wants us to progress and experience breakthrough (both in the natural and spiritual realm) but along with this fact is the truth that before breakthrough comes, we will often experience resistance, confrontation and frustration. Unfortunately what I’ve experienced prior to finding breakthrough in life is: “With each different level – there’s a different devil.”

It doesn’t end there, the encouragement is: EVERY difficult time has a God ordained expiry date, it won’t last forever and we will eventually break through.

In Pam and my second year of marriage we needed a little 2 bedroom flat with the arrival of our first baby, Lara. The Lord soon spoke to me and assured me, as I remained faithful and faith-filled, He would create a breakthrough in this area. The promise came to me from Paul’s letter to the church in Philippi: Phil 4:19 “I will meet all of your need according ….”

Later that week while visiting Pam’s folks in Milnerton I went for a walk up their road and distinctly heard the Holy Spirit telling me to enter a small block of flats, go upstairs to number 6 and to ask if the flat was to rent.  When answering the door, the young lady told me that her husband’s firm had just phoned and that they were being transferred and would need someone to take over the occupancy within the next week. It was rent controlled flat (the rent was legally bound to a minimum amount), with two bedrooms, exactly what we needed. Our circumstance had been met by God’s provision, breakthrough had come.

What was the process to our breakthrough?

  1. I initiated the breakthrough by letting God know of my need.
  2. God gave His Word and I ‘took Him on His word’.
  3. I remained expectant and open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance…
  4. God acted on our behalf, breakthrough came.

Please know that it is the will of God for us to break through in EVERY area of our lives. Why?

  • So that we can accomplish His plan
  • So that we can reveal His Kingdom
  • To bring Him glory
  • To give others hope

This is why the enemy wants to exhaust you in the trial – he wants you to lose heart and hope. Ps. 27:13,14 David the Psalmist said “I almost lost heart had I not believe that I will again see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Don’t just stay in the Faith but more importantly, don’t give up the fight.

Many have no idea of their destinies in God, many don’t get into the Word to allow God the opportunity to give them specific guidance, and so many are just content to let things happen. They don’t take God on His word or live in the reality of truth that God will honour His word, always. They miss out on breakthrough.

The secret to breakthrough is knowing what God wants me to break through into … you need to ask God first, and then ‘put it out there’.

Questions to ask myself:

  • Do I have a dream or hope?
  • Have I written it down?
  • Do I pray over it daily?
  • Do I ask God to give me His wisdom daily to see it materialize?
  • Am I intentional about breaking through?
  • Do I know that God’s presence and power will accomplish His purpose which I believe is my dream for my life?

Go for it, trust God for breakthrough, keep trusting when it gets tough and see that tough time ‘expiry date’ come sooner than you’d think!


Will and his wife Pam have been in ministry for over 38 years and form a part of the leadership at Joshua Generation Church. Will is currently primarily involved in ministering across the greater global field of Four12 partnering churches. You can follow him on Facebook.

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